Published On: August 19, 2023

CD & DVD Players on Sale in August 2023: Save Up to $200!

Published On: August 19, 2023
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CD & DVD Players on Sale in August 2023: Save Up to $200!

Unlock the magic of music with discounted CD and DVD players in August 2023. Save up to $200 on this CD & DVD Player sale.

CD & DVD Players on Sale in August 2023: Save Up to $200!

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Upgrade your audio and video experience with this CD and DVD player sale in August 2023. We've made a list of CD/DVD players that are currently on sale, allowing you to save up to $200 on selected models, if you act quickly enough.

Here's a brief overview of the deals on hand, while you can find some details on each model down below.

CD & DVD PlayersDiscounted PriceOriginal PriceYou Save
Marantz M-CR612$599.00$799.00$200.00
Audiolab 6000CDT$499.00$599.99$100.00
Panasonic DP-UB9000P1K$999.99$1,099.99$100.00
Cambridge Audio CXC v2$599.00$699.00$100.00
Rotel CD11 Tribute$499.99$599.99$100.00
Denon - DCD-900NE$455.98$549.98$94.00
LG Blu Ray Player$148.00$199.00$51.00
Yamaha CD-S303$729.90$779.90$50.00
NAD C 538$349.00$399.00$50.00
Sony BDP-S6700$98.00$118.00$20.00

Marantz M-CR612

Original Price: $799.99

Discounted Price: $599.00

Marantz M-CR612

Experience the epitome of audio versatility with the Marantz M-CR612 Network CD Receiver. This remarkable device combines a high-quality CD player with network streaming, Bluetooth connectivity, and HEOS multi-room technology. With a power output of 60 watts per channel, it delivers immersive sound quality for your favorite tunes.

The Marantz M-CR612 offers seamless integration into modern audio setups, allowing you to stream music from your favorite online services, local network, or mobile device via Bluetooth. Its HEOS capability enables effortless multi-room audio, allowing you to enjoy music in every corner of your home. The front-loading CD player ensures you can relish your cherished CD collection without compromising on convenience. Plus, the unit supports voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Siri.

Currently priced at $599.00 with a $200.00 discount from the orginal price of $799,00, the Marantz M-CR612 Network CD Receiver offers an exceptional opportunity to enhance your audio setup at a great value. Embrace the convergence of traditional and modern audio technologies and elevate your listening experience to new heights.

Audiolab 6000CDT

Original Price: $599.00

Discounted Price: $499.00

Audiolab 6000CDT

Elevate your audio experience with the Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport. Designed to deliver high-quality sound, this CD transport focuses on exceptional performance and precision playback. Its sophisticated design ensures accurate data reading from your CDs, providing a musical experience that's true to the original recording.

The Audiolab 6000CDT boasts a top-loading mechanism that reduces vibrations, enhancing audio clarity and detail. With its coaxial and optical digital outputs, you can easily connect the 6000CDT to your DAC or amplifier for superior sound reproduction. This CD transport also features a precision clocking system to minimize timing errors, resulting in smoother, more natural sound.

Priced at $499.99, the Audiolab 6000CDT CD Transport is currently offered with a $100 discount from its original price of $599.00, allowing you to enhance your audio setup without breaking the bank. Its focus on accurate playback, coupled with its sleek and stylish design, makes it an excellent addition to any audiophile's collection, ensuring you'll enjoy your music collection with the utmost fidelity.

Panasonic DP-UB9000P1K

Original Price: $1,099.99

Discounted Price: $999.99

Panasonic - Streaming 4K Ultra HD

The Panasonic DP-UB820-K 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player is a player that delivers stunning 4K picture quality with enhanced HDR (High Dynamic Range) for lifelike visuals. It supports various HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR10+, for true-to-life color and contrast.

Equipped with built-in Wi-Fi, the DP-UB820-K allows for seamless streaming of your favorite online content, while its Hi-Res Audio playback ensures immersive sound quality. The player's 7.1 channel audio output further enhances your home theater experience by providing rich, multidimensional audio.

Priced at $999.99, the Panasonic DP-UB820-K Blu-ray Player offers a $100 discount from the original price of $1,099.99, making it an attractive choice for movie enthusiasts and audiophiles alike. With its advanced features, including Dolby Vision, HDR10+, and Hi-Res Audio support, this player is a versatile addition to your entertainment setup, bringing both stunning visuals and impressive sound to your home theater.

Cambridge Audio CXC v2

Original Price: $699.00

Discounted Price: $599.00

Cambridge Audio CXC v2

The Cambridge Audio CXC v2 CD is designed to deliver precise and detailed sound, this CD transport focuses on high-quality audio playback. It features a proprietary S3 Servo drive that reduces jitter and enhances accuracy during playback, ensuring every note is reproduced with clarity.

The Cambridge Audio CXC v2 is built with a solid aluminum front panel and is available in a sleek Lunar Grey finish. It's equipped with digital outputs, allowing you to connect it to a compatible DAC or amplifier for improved audio performance. The player can be controlled using the included remote or integrated with other Cambridge Audio components.

Currently priced at $599.00, the Cambridge Audio CXC v2 CD transport offers a $100 discount from its original price of $699.99, providing a great opportunity to enhance your audio setup. With its focus on accurate and detailed sound reproduction and high-quality construction, this CD transport is a valuable addition for audiophiles seeking an exceptional music listening experience.

Rotel CD11 Tribute

Original Price: $599.99

Discounted Price: $499.99

Rotel CD11 Tribute

Introducing the Rotel CD11 Tribute, a meticulously designed CD player that brings new life to your music collection. With a focus on delivering exceptional audio quality, this player incorporates advanced engineering and top-notch components. The CD11 Tribute features a premium Wolfson WM8740 digital-to-analog converter, ensuring accurate and detailed sound reproduction.

The Rotel CD11 Tribute is housed in a sleek and understated chassis, exuding a sense of timeless elegance. Its intuitive front panel design and included remote control make navigation effortless. This CD player offers both analog and digital outputs, allowing you to connect it to a variety of audio systems for a versatile listening experience.

Currently priced at $499.99, the Rotel CD11 Tribute comes with a $100 discount from its original price of $599.99, making it an attractive choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts looking to elevate their audio setup. With its commitment to superior sound quality and aesthetic refinement, the Rotel CD11 Tribute is a worthy addition to any discerning music lover's collection.

Denon - DCD-900NE

Original Price: $549.98

Discounted Price: $455.98

Denon - DCD-900NE

Denon DCD-900NE CD Player, with its sleek black design and cutting-edge features, is a must-have player for audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. It offers high-resolution audio playback, ensuring that you can enjoy your favorite tracks with stunning clarity and precision.

The Denon DCD-900NE boasts advanced AL32 Processing technology, which enhances the depth and dimensionality of your music, breathing new life into your CD collection. It also supports various audio formats, including FLAC and WAV, so you can enjoy your music as the artist intended. The player's built-in USB port allows you to connect USB drives and enjoy digital music files effortlessly.

Priced at $549.98, the Denon DCD-900NE CD Player is currently available at a discounted price of $484.99. With a $94.00 savings, this is an exceptional opportunity to elevate your audio experience and enjoy your music collection like never before. Immerse yourself in the world of high-resolution audio and relish every nuance of your favorite tracks with this top-tier CD player from Denon.

It should be noted that this discount applies only to Best Buy Plus users.

LG Blu Ray Player

Original Price: $199.00

Discounted Price: $148.00

LG Blu Ray Player

This versatile player is designed to play Blu-ray discs from all regions, providing you with a seamless and immersive viewing experience. With its sleek design and powerful features, it's a perfect addition to any entertainment setup.

The LG Region-Free Blu-ray Player supports full HD 1080p resolution, delivering crisp and vibrant visuals for your movies, TV shows, and more. It's also equipped with a USB port, allowing you to easily access and play media files from your external storage devices. The player supports a wide range of formats, ensuring compatibility with various types of content.

Currently priced at $148.00, this LG Region-Free Blu-ray Player offers a discounted price from its original price of $199.00.

Yamaha CD-S303

Original Price: $779.95

Discounted Price: $729.90

Yamaha CD-S303

The Yamaha CD-S303 CD Player is designed to perfectly complement the A-S301 Integrated Amplifier. This CD player offers exceptional versatility, supporting a wide range of formats including MP3, WMA, LPCM, and FLAC. Dive into your music collection with utmost precision and authenticity.

With its USB compatibility, the Yamaha CD-S303 CD Player enables you to effortlessly play digital music directly from USB devices. The player's rigid construction ensures minimal interference and vibration, preserving the integrity of your audio. Seamlessly pair it with the Yamaha A-S301 Integrated Amplifier for a harmonious audio setup that delivers powerful, crisp sound.

Priced at $729.90, this CD player presents a fairly small but still meaningful discount from its original price of $779.95, giving you a saving of $50.00. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your audio experience with Yamaha's renowned quality and innovation. Elevate your listening pleasure with the Yamaha CD-S303 CD Player and immerse yourself in the richness of your favorite music.

NAD C 538

Original Price: $399.00

Discounted Price: $349.00

NAD C 538

The NAD C 538 CD Player boasts features like precision clocking and a high-performance DAC for accurate and detailed sound reproduction. Its advanced engineering ensures minimal jitter, resulting in clean and dynamic sound.

The NAD C 538 CD Player offers playback of both standard audio CDs and MP3/WMA formats, giving you versatility in enjoying your music collection. The front-panel USB port allows you to connect compatible devices for digital playback. With its solid build and impressive playback capabilities, the NAD C 538 is an ideal addition to any audio system.

Available for $349.00, this CD player offers a discount from its original price of $399.00, providing you a $50 discount.

Sony BDP-S6700

Original Price: $118.00

Discounted Price: $98.00

Sony BDP-S6700

The Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-ray Disc Player is a versatile player that not only supports standard Blu-ray and DVD playback but also enhances your viewing with its 4K upscaling capability, delivering stunning clarity and detail to your favorite content. With built-in Wi-Fi and access to streaming services, you can easily enjoy a wide range of online entertainment options.

The Sony BDP-S6700 features advanced technologies like Super Bit Mapping and TRILUMINOS color enhancement, ensuring vibrant and lifelike visuals. Its intuitive interface and quick start-up allow for seamless navigation, making it a user-friendly addition to your entertainment setup. Additionally, it supports multiple audio formats, offering an immersive sound experience.

Priced at $98.00 with a discount from its original price of $118.99, the Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-ray Disc Player offers a savings of $20.00. This deal makes it an attractive option for upgrading your home theater experience without breaking the bank. Bring your movies and shows to life with the exceptional visuals and audio provided by the Sony BDP-S6700 Blu-ray Disc Player.

Get You Own CD & DVD Player at a Discount Today!

From Marantz to Sony, this August 2023 sale has lots of offers

Don't miss the chance to own a high-quality CD or DVD player for cheaper. Upgrade your home audio and video setup today and experience the magic of premium entertainment right from the comfort of your own space.

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