Ceratec HiFi


Ultra-modern looking and female friendly German speakers that actually deliver on their industrial design promise. They have a robust, multi-lingual website. Some of their speakers are ultra-thin yet tall and would match installations with a flat HDTV in ways a sound bar would.

Ceratec believes that their products should meet the expectations of every female and male customer at the highest level.  Ceratec wants to include all the bells and whistles of fancy technology but keep in in the background, preserving modesty.


Ulrich Ranke, the Ceratec Managing Director, summed up the philosophy on Ceratec's website: "I have given my heart to women and their wishes for a long time now. My wife - who also participates in the company activities - wisely and at the same time certainly lets me think in the right direction. And it is only thanks to this that our products became possible to realize. Nevertheless, to be able to follow my profession in the are of the 'high-end sound', I was looking to connect both worlds. I believe that with our products we have created a perfectly harmonious combination of taste and technology. Products that not only acclaim stat of the art-quality but also reach this. We use aluminum, chrome, and glass only - they are ideal to create design that women adore and that facilitates their access to the world of the male High-End enthusiasm."

Ceratec's website can be found at www.ceratechifi.com.


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