Published On: December 26, 2011

CES to Feature First-Ever Applications Developer University

Published On: December 26, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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CES to Feature First-Ever Applications Developer University

The Consumers Electronic Association has decided to completely embrace the new world of home theater apps by hosting the first-ever App Developer University at the 2012 Consumer Electronics show.

CES to Feature First-Ever Applications Developer University

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CEA-Logo.gifThe Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will host its first-ever "Developer University" event on January 12, at the 2012 International CES. This event will provide the more than 12,000 applications developers attending CES one place to go for all the latest updates on developer programs, software developer kits (SDKs), tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) from leading companies.

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More than a dozen companies, including AT&T, Google, Intel, LG Electronics, Netgear, Qualcomm, Sony Ericsson and TiVo, will present in back-to-back 30-minute sessions encompassing TV apps, device APIs, third-party APIs, web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps and more.

CEA's Developer University is geared toward third-party developers; system integrators; entrepreneurs; start-ups; software, game and communication developers and companies; content producers, publishers, distributors and aggregators; media companies; advertising agencies; students and others looking to broaden their understanding and skills to develop apps.

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