Published On: June 9, 2012

Chief Announces New Ceiling-Mounted Flat Panel Solutions

Published On: June 9, 2012

Chief Announces New Ceiling-Mounted Flat Panel Solutions

Chief has designed a brand new television mount. It's already a bit unique in that it allows you to hang a television from the ceiling, but it really becomes interesting with just how many televisions you can hang with this mount.

Chief-LCM2X2U-ceiling-TV_mount.jpgChief, a manufacturer of mounts, racks and interactive solutions, announces a new generation of ceiling mounts.

Lighter flat-screen televisions have opened the doors for new options in video wall solutions, particularly with ceiling-mounted installations in large, indoor entertainment and hospitality venues where walls may not be in abundance.

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Chief offers flexible solutions that scale from mounting single displays to three-by-three display configurations.

Features of the single ceiling mounts include continuous tilt ranges with four set locking points that eliminate guesswork when adjusting multiple screens; easy on/off mount connection for ease of installation and service; tool-free screen engagement; optional padlock security; Centris technology to provide fingertip tilt; and optimization for a wide range of display sizes.

Features of the multi-display ceiling mounts include independent height, plumb and lateral shift adjustment knobs to help easily align displays, no tools required, and optimization for a wide range of display sizes. Models can be combined to create any menu board or video wall configuration up to three displays tall. Available accessories include power management, secure storage and video conferencing shelves, and computer and digital media player adapters.

"These new mounts will incorporate many of the suggestions and feedback we get from end users," said Luke Westin, Associate Product Manager. "We think they will be pleased with the ease of installation, versatility and scalability of the new mounting solutions."

Look for the new models available this fall from Chief.

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