Published On: September 19, 2008

Chief Launches MOUNTBUILDER Online Product Configurator for Building and Specifying Mounting Solutions

Published On: September 19, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Chief Launches MOUNTBUILDER Online Product Configurator for Building and Specifying Mounting Solutions

So you don't know which mount to buy for your front video projector, LED, LCD or Plasma HDTV? You are not alone. Chief has a hot new tool that will right over the magic Internet will help you pick the right hardware for the job.

Chief Launches MOUNTBUILDER Online Product Configurator for Building and Specifying Mounting Solutions

  • The staff at is comprised of experts who are dedicated to helping you make better informed buying decisions.

chief_mount-news.gifChief Manufacturing, a projector, monitor and flat panel TV mounting solution provider, is excited to announce the launch of its latest web innovation - the MOUNTBUILDER• Product Configurator for Projector Mounts, Flat Panel Mounts and Accessories.

"We are often told by customers that we offer so many mount accessories and applications that it's hard to know which accessories to choose for each application," said Laurie Englert, Director of Marketing. "With the goal of making this easier for the customer, the team went to work and came up with this incredible concept. We've shown it to customers and they are thrilled to get a visual tool of the many different options."

Users go to the Chief website and walk through a logical sequence of steps for building a mount configuration that visually appears before them on their computer screen. Drop distance and weight capacity are automatically calculated as parts are added. A parts list is also generated, with the ability to edit parts and quantities. The tool allows users to log in and create a password so they can save configurations for proposals or future jobs.

Key Features of MOUNTBUILDER:
• Visually builds an installation
• Builds a parts list
• Auto-calculates weight capacity and drop distance
• Saves configurations for future use
• Creates a PDF with image for proposals
• Includes Chief's Easy Bid Spec Form

The Chief Web Development team created MOUNTBUILDER in an effort to further ease product selection, bids and ordering for Chief customers. The 8-month development cycle was challenging, but also exciting for the team.

Historically, Chief has provided the industry with helpful tools, including its popular MountFinder• Manufacturers Cross Reference Database that is updated daily and has a large selection of flat panels and projectors.

MOUNTBUILDER currently offers a selection of Projector Mount configurations, with flat panel configurations launching in September. Future phases will include modules for Carts and Stands, Monitors and Totally Custom Solutions.

U.S. and Europe sales offices support a global network spanning the Americas, Europe, the Pacific Rim and beyond. Chief distribution centers are located in Minnesota and the Netherlands.

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