Published On: September 20, 2008

Chief® Offers the First No-Profile Mount with Limitless Centering

Published On: September 20, 2008
Last Updated on: March 9, 2022
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Chief® Offers the First No-Profile Mount with Limitless Centering

Forget low-profile. How about no-profile? That's what Chief promises with its new PIWRF and MIWRF flat-panel mounts, which also offer roll and height adjustment, lateral shift, and Chief's ClickConnect technology.

Chief® Offers the First No-Profile Mount with Limitless Centering

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Chief's new PIWRF• and MIWRF• no-profile universal and custom wall mounts float on the wall, providing optimal flat panel centering every time. Each mount offers roll adjustment, height adjustment and post-installation lateral shift to simplify installation and provide excellent mounting flexibility. The mounts offer optimal flat panel placement regardless of stud position. The innovative PIWRF is a finalist for CEDIA's Best New Product Competition.

The PIWRF and MIWRF have a sleek design, are very flexible, and include numerous patented features. Centris LP• provides easy flat panel tilt positioning to achieve the optimal viewing angle while remaining low profile for aesthetics. The mounts also include a new feature that offers limitless centering of the flat panel. With ClickConnect• Technology, simply hang your screen and the audible click confirms it's locked in place. The mounts ship as complete in-wall swing arm with zero assembly required.

The mounts have a universal bracket with a custom set of mounting hardware available using the MountFinder Pro on the Chief website.

U.S. and Europe sales offices support a global network spanning the Americas, Europe, the Pacific Rim and beyond. Chief distribution centers are located in Minnesota and the Netherlands.

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