Published On: November 4, 2023

Chord Electronics Launches BerTTi Stereo Power Amplifier

Published On: November 4, 2023
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Chord Electronics Launches BerTTi Stereo Power Amplifier

Chord Electronics' BerTTi stereo power amplifier promises unparalleled accuracy and performance, thanks to its integration of ULTIMA technology.

Chord Electronics Launches BerTTi Stereo Power Amplifier

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British audio equipment manufacturer Chord Electronics has unveiled its latest addition to the market, the BerTTi stereo power amplifier. Marking a significant shift in their Table Top (TT) range, this model introduces cutting-edge ULTIMA technology, bringing forth a new level of innovation and performance within the compact amplifier market.

The BerTTi, replacing its predecessor the TToby, has been highly anticipated since its initial announcement in June. It's a fully balanced 75W amplifier equipped with Chord's advanced dual-feed-forward error-correction technology. This new feature should enable the system to monitor and immediately rectify signals before the output stage, promising heightened accuracy and fidelity in audio reproduction.

According to Chord’s CEO and founder John Franks, “BerTTi utilises our ULTIMA technology which continuously monitors the electrical and thermal performance parameters for each of the MOSFET power devices. This… adds an extra layer of control in the power components’ topology that lowers all distortion modes…. BerTTi can drive loudspeakers, from bookshelf types to the hardest-to-drive floorstanders, without difficulty.”

The incorporation of ULTIMA-level topology in the BerTTi stereo power amplifier potentially represents a remarkable technological advancement, providing a significant power increase from the previous model. 

Chord BerTTi Stereo Power Amplifier in Argent Silver finish, top view.

The amplifier caters to both XLR balanced and unbalanced RCA analog inputs, offering enhanced versatility in connectivity. Additionally, the BerTTi has two modified power supplies and an auxiliary power rail, augmenting the voltage to drive the custom-made MOSFETs for optimized performance.

A key element of Chord's marketing strategy revolves around ensuring smooth integration and compatibility throughout their product lineup. The BerTTi aligns flawlessly with Chord's Hugo TT 2 DAC/preamp/headphone amplifier and Hugo M Scaler, creating a trio that encapsulates the proprietary trilogy of Ultima technology, D/A conversion, and FPGA-based digital upscaling.

The BerTTi stereo power amplifier is constructed in a compact yet robust aluminum chassis, available in Jett Black or Argent Silver finishes. While it maintains the sleek design of its predecessor, the BerTTi promises an improved power delivery, enhanced insight, and a more engaging sonic experience, positioning itself as a potential game-changer in its category.

Interested consumers can acquire the Chord BerTTi stereo power amplifier, which is currently available for purchase at a price of £3995 / $5250 / €4995 through the company's regional dealers.

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