Published On: February 6, 2024

Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier Now Available Globally

Published On: February 6, 2024
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Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier Now Available Globally

Chord Electronics' highly anticipated Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier, characterized by its blend of cutting-edge technology and exquisite design, is now accessible to audiophiles worldwide.

Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier Now Available Globally

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High-end audio enthusiasts and professionals have reason to celebrate as the Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier, previously unveiled in 2023, is now available for global purchase. This amplifier, designed by Chord Electronics' founder, John Franks, offers a unique blend of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic appeal, catering to the demands of audiophiles worldwide.

The Chord Ultima Integrated amplifier, which made its debut in 2023 at the High End Munich Show, is now accessible to audiophiles worldwide. This impressive piece of audio equipment boasts a total power output of 125W. The amplifier incorporates dual-feed forward error-correction technology and advanced low-distortion power supplies to ensure minimal noise and exceptional audio performance.

On the rear panel of the Ultima Integrated amplifier, users will find a set of stereo balanced XLR inputs and three stereo unbalanced RCA connections, offering versatility in connecting various audio sources. Additionally, a stereo balanced XLR AV bypass input is included, along with a single stereo XLR output.

Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier front view

The chassis of the Ultima Integrated amplifier is constructed from precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum and is available in both silver and black finishes. The front panel features a spherical on/off power control with polychromatic lighting, giving it a unique and modern look. 

Volume and balance controls are conveniently placed on either side of the front panel. The top of the unit not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also assists in heat dissipation through its grille design. To complete the package, an infra-red remote control is included for user convenience.

Chord Electronics has a rich history of producing audiophile-standard Hi-Fi equipment since the 1980s. Their products are renowned and trusted by many prestigious studios worldwide, including the likes of Abbey Road, Metropolis Studios, and Sony Music Studios in New York.

Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier top view

Chord Electronics has equipped the Ultima Integrated amplifier with cutting-edge technology, including ultra-high-frequency power supplies and advanced error-correction topology. This technology actively monitors and corrects signals before they reach the output stage, ensuring unparalleled signal accuracy and audio fidelity.

Founder, owner, and chief designer, John Franks said last year at the unveiling of the Ultima Integrated, “The new ULTIMA INTEGRATED offers levels of performance not yet seen in any integrated amplifier. It features no fewer than four separate high-power line input phase-corrected power supplies working in harmony to give this new amplifier the high energy power levels and fast transient power that Chord Electronics’ products are known for.”

Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency response: 10 Hz-200 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • THD: 0.01 % 20 Hz-20 kHz
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 90 dB on all inputs
  • Input impedance: 100 kΩ
  • Input maximum voltage: 3 V RMS
  • Output maximum voltage: 35 V RMS
  • Gain: 21dB
  • Channel separation: 100 dB
  • Operation voltage: 80-250 V AC auto-switching 
  • Power output: 125 W into 8Ω
  • Power consumption: 200 W
  • Dimensions with included Integra legs: 13 cm(H) x 48 cm(W) x 38 cm(D)
  • Dimensions with optional side blocks (can not be stacked): 11 cm(H) x 43 cm(W) x 38 cm (D)
  • Weight: 14.75 kg
Chord Ultima Integrated Amplifier rear view.

The Chord Ultima Integrated amplifier is now available for purchase from specialist retailers globally. Interested customers can also find their nearest dealer by visiting Chord Electronics' official website. The amplifier is priced at £8,500 in the UK, with pricing for other regions yet to be announced.

Chord Electronics' Ultima Integrated amplifier marks a significant addition to the world of high-end audio equipment. Its combination of advanced technology, exceptional design, and renowned audio pedigree positions it as a compelling option for audiophiles seeking top-tier audio performance. 

With global availability now in effect, enthusiasts can explore the capabilities of this amplifier for themselves and experience the world of Chord Electronics' audio excellence.

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