Published On: September 20, 2008

CINEAK to release the "DITO club" chair at CEDIA Expo '08

Published On: September 20, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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CINEAK to release the "DITO club" chair at CEDIA Expo '08

CINEAK has plans to release the "DITO club" chair at the 2008 CEDIA Expo. The "DITO club" is a chair that is inspired by the 19th Century English chairs that were found in clubs, hence the name.

CINEAK to release the "DITO club" chair at CEDIA Expo '08

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Cineak_logo_black.gifCINEAK, a provider of custom-designed theater, lounge and modular sectional sofa seating, is proud to introduce the "DITO club" chair. Designed by CINEAK's in-house design team, this chair blends a classical design style with comfort and luxury.

The "DITO club" chair will bring an element of history into your home. The "DITO club" chair is inspired by 19th Century English chairs found in clubs where members engaged in deep philosophical conversations and debates with other patrons. With the "DITO club" CINEAK brings back the seat arrangements found in private screening rooms of the 1930s.

The "DITO club" chair has a unique built-in motorized mechanism, in order to ease adjusting the position of your legs, along with a zigzag seat support and a webbed backrest combined with high quality foam.

Available as a stand-alone chair, the "DITO club" chair can also be configured into row seating, using connection tablets. Curved or straight rows with floating tablets between each seat provide a place to put drinks, snacks, remotes, etc.

The "DITO club" will be available in two versions; a full leather finish throughout the chair, with a touch of Afromosia wood, or as a combination of leather mixed with solid Afromosia wooden armrests detailed by ebony wooden inlays.

The "DITO club" chair will be available in our new "Pilot leather"; a unique full grain, drum-dyed silky Nappa leather, with a wax/oil finish, ranging in 3 different colors choices, and in our standard leather grades (Pallona, Litano and Hermes/Toledo), as well.

CINEAK will showcase the "DITO club" chair along with other new products at CEDIA Expo '08 in Denver from September 4-7, 2007--- BOOTH 190.

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