Composite Products CF-1000 Anti-Vibration Rack Reviewed

Composite Products CF-1000 Anti-Vibration Rack Reviewed

This fully carbon fiber audiophile equipment rack is designed for those rocking Audio Research, Mark Levinson, Jeff Rowland, Krell, Classé, EMM Labs or other uber-high-end audio gear that can benefit from the lack of any vibration for top performance.

CF1000-carbon-rack.jpgThe composite CF-1000 anti-vibration rack is a statement piece of AV furniture. The massive one-inch-thick shelves are supported by three stout carbon fiber legs to ensure a stable platform for your finest AV gear. The shelving can be had in base acrylic, or carbon fiber over acrylic for better strength and vibration. The height of the shelves can be adjusted by using posts of different lengths. Stock posts come in sizes from six to 11 inches, but can be custom-ordered at almost any lengths. The carbon fiber not only looks super-cool, but it also works to absorb unwanted vibration from robbing your components of their best performance. It keeps the racks strong enough to hold up to 200 pounds on the bottom shelf and 100 pounds on all the others.

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These are large racks, and pictures don't do them justice. The shelves are one inch thick and the posts are heavy duty as well. The shelves offer 21 inches by 19 inches of space to accommodate even the largest of components. The racks can be totally customized and expanded by combining two of them with a 60-inch-wide base and/or top plate or a full 60-inch-wide system to house your gear and TV. Amp stands start at $1,650 and shelves run $1,400 for a top shelf, $1,200 for middle shelves and $1,300 for bottom shelving. Carbon fiber shelves are available for an additional $250 per shelf.

High Points
• Massive shelving and tons of carbon fiber not only make for a strong and cool-looking rack, but they also soak up vibration to maximize the performance of your AV gear.
• Fully customizable and expandable, the CF-1000 can grow with you, keeping you from having to buy new racks as your system evolves.

Low Points
• These are very large racks that may not fit in smaller rooms, where efficient use of space is a must.
• The large frame and carbon and acrylic or all-carbon look might not appeal to your wife as much as it does to you. If you bought her a Ferrari and taught her the value of carbon fiber, you likely wouldn't have this problem.

The Composite Design CF-1000 anti-vibration AV rack is a large and sturdy unit, capable of holding large and heavy gear with ease, while all the carbon fiber draws unwanted vibrations away from your components. They are customizable to suit your needs and system and can be expanded on in the future, evolving as your system does, which means you could live with these racks for the rest of your life.


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