Composite Products CF-2000 Rack Reviewed

Published On: March 18, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Composite Products CF-2000 Rack Reviewed

If you are an audiophile and you are looking for the Porsche Carrera GT of equipment racks - you may have found the solution in Composite Products. This California made rack is all carbon fiber. Not only is it light but it is very low vibration.

Composite Products CF-2000 Rack Reviewed

By Author: Dr. Ken Taraszka

Ken Taraszka M.D. is an anesthesiologist by trade based in Tampa Bay, Florida. Ken is also a professional audiophile and home theater writer specializing in AV preamps and all facets of the audiophile market. In the past, Ken has been a staff writer and editor at He has also at times been a frequent contributor at


The Composite Products CF-2000 Anti-Vibration Shelves are platforms designed to improve vibration control for a multitude of different situations. Made of carbon fiber and epoxy composite footers with acrylic platforms the CF-2000 line offers incredible strength and dampening to reduce critical vibration from affecting your sensitive AV components. Starting with an isolation platform in the CF-2010 that costs $600, Composite allows you to add vibration control to a table top of other shelving system. The CF-2010 is 18.25 inches wide by 16 inches deep and is capable of holding 125 pounds. Should you want more protection for your sensitive components, the CF-2010 Reference adds carbon fiber to the platform for enhanced dampening and vibration control for $1,000.

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Composite adapted these shelves to many popular storage systems including the ever-popular Middle Atlantic racks with their CF-2020 at $700 each and Salamander Synergy system with their CF-2030 also $700 or the top shelf with the CF-2060 for $750. The ability to add advanced vibration control to your existing racks is a nice way to step up the performance of you current AV furniture without having to replace your entire rack and the popularity of the Middle Atlantic racks seems to make this a item to watch.

Composite fills out this line of platforms with speaker stands in the CF-2040 and CF-2070 that both retail for $550 a piece, a table top projector stands the CF-2050 for $800 and even wall mountable anti-vibration platforms in the CF-2080 at $1,200 or in a reference model with carbon fiber layered shelving for $1,600 making solid vibration control attainable to all.

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