Published On: October 5, 2010

Consumer Confidence In Economy And Electronics Rises

Published On: October 5, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Consumer Confidence In Economy And Electronics Rises

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CNET have released a set of statistics showing that, as of September, consumers felt better about the economy in general and the electronics industry in particular by a measure of five points.

Consumer Confidence In Economy And Electronics Rises

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Consumer_Confidence_Rises_in_CE.gifConsumer confidence in the economy climbed more than five points in September, according to figures recently released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and CNET. Confidence in consumer electronics rose by more than one point as well.

The CEA-CNET Index of Consumer Expectations (ICE) rose more than five points in September to 163.4. The ICE, which measures consumer expectations in the overall economy, has rebounded in the past two months since the index reached an all-time low of 157.3 points in July. However, the ICE is down nearly six points from this time last year.

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"Consumers' overall mood for an economic recovery is optimistic," said Anne Claudio, vice president of research at CBS Interactive. "This month's index showed an upswing from the summer, as families purchased school supplies like clothing, backpacks and computers."

Consumers are also feeling more confident about technology. The CEA-CNET Index of Consumer Technology Expectations (ICTE), which measures consumer expectations about technology spending, is up 1.1 points from August. Unfortunately, this is still down two points from this time last year.

The CEA-CNET Indexes comprise the ICE and ICTE, both of which are updated on a monthly basis through consumer surveys. CEA and CNET have been tracking index data since January 2007.

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