Published On: December 6, 2009

Consumer Shopping Site Reports On HDTV Buying Habits

Published On: December 6, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Consumer Shopping Site Reports On HDTV Buying Habits

A new report on breaks down consumer spending habits in the consumer electronics space. The report analyzes how shoppers plan to spend money this holiday season, and things are certainly looking rosy for HDTV.

Consumer Shopping Site Reports On HDTV Buying Habits

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Retrevo-HDTVstudy-2009.gif, a leading consumer comparison site in the consumer electronics industry, is out with a study on consumer spending habits just when consumers are at their most enthusiastic, spending best.

Conclusions From The Report Include:
• It's all about the deals: 51% of buyers don't care if they make the purchase online or in-store, as long as they get a good deal.
• 45% said they would NOT need to see the TV pre-purchase, so long as it had good reviews, their friends liked it, and it had good brand recognition.
• HDTV is still new to many people: 48% of respondents buying an HDTV said it would be their FIRST HDTV
• Small is beautiful: TVs smaller than 37 inches overtook large TVs by a margin of 170% (see chart in full story)
• LCD TVs dominate: 80% of respondents prefer LCD TVs, 17% want Plasma, and only 1.5% want rear projection
• Shoppers are getting savvy: Only 25% of buyers didn't care about TV features like refresh rate and LED back lighting.

In the eyes of, the picture looks very rosy for HDTV this holiday season and beyond with a large number of savvy consumers looking for, and finding good deals on TVs. Whether it s watching high definition sports, escaping into a Blu-ray movie, playing 1080p games or just watching your favorite TV show it's clear that despite a shaky economy consumers want their HDTV.

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