Published On: November 10, 2010

Consumer Spending on Electronics to Hit Record High this Holiday

Published On: November 10, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Consumer Spending on Electronics to Hit Record High this Holiday

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has commissioned a report on consumer spending patterns, the CE Holiday Purchase Patterns Study, for the seventeenth time. If the report is correct, consumers will be purchasing electronics in great quantities this winter.

Consumer Spending on Electronics to Hit Record High this Holiday

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CEA-Logo.gif reports that consumers will allocate more money on consumer electronics product this holiday season than ever before. This is according to the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) 17th Annual CE Holiday Purchase Patterns Study, released at the CEA Industry Forum.

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The study claims that consumers will be spending an average of $232 on CE gifts this year, 5 percent more than the $222 from last year, which makes this year an all-time high.

Also, the study states that 31 percent of all holiday gift spending will be on consumer electronics, 2 percent more than the 29 percent from last year.

When buying electronics as gifts, the CEA survey claims that 32 percent will start shopping in November and 27 percent will begin in December. The consumers concerns were, first and foremost, pricing (84 percent), followed closely by the return policy (81 percent), then ease of purchase (79 percent), and past experience at the store (78 percent).

The big box stores will be reaping the benefits with 66 percent of people shopping at the mass merchants, 60 percent hitting up electronics stores, 40 percent venturing out to warehouse clubs, and 46 percent choosing to shop online.

The top five categories of gifts:

1. Video game consoles - 24%
2. MP3 players - 22%
3. Notebook/laptops - 21%
4. DVD or Blu-ray players - 19%
5. Smartphones - 17%

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