Published On: January 26, 2010

Control4 Driver for Sonos launched by Extra Vegetables.

Published On: January 26, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Control4 Driver for Sonos launched by Extra Vegetables.

You'd think news of Control4 releasing a driver making their systems compatible with Sonos systems would come from Control4 itself, or at the very least Sonos, but no, it appears the driver was developed by Extra Vegetables a firm specializing in home automation interfaces.

Control4 Driver for Sonos launched by Extra Vegetables.

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Extra-veggies-logo.gifSonos is one of the most popular and successful network music systems in the world. Control4 is the leader in broad market home control systems. Now through the ingenuity of Extra Vegetables, the leading online supplier of home automation interfaces and drivers, these two leading systems can work together.


Sonos is the music streaming solution of choice for many home owners as it provides a convenient way to enjoy music in every room wirelessly. However, up to now controlling a Sonos system and other entertainment equipment has meant juggling a Sonos controller and multiple remotes.

Sonos music can now be selected and the volume set by Control4 remotes and touchpanels. This gives the user one easy to use device for all their entertainment and home control needs. An entire Sonos music network can now be included in a Control4 project as the digital music solution.

Users love the simplicity of a Sonos system and love Control4's comprehensive, easy to use control. Now they can get the best of both worlds - market leading digital music AND world class control.

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The Sonos system is not modified in any way and can still be controlled via the Sonos controllers and Sonos iPhone application.

Importantly the integrity of the Sonos system is honored. The driver enables Control4 to read the Sonos media database and to control the Sonos ZonePlayers. Only media from the Sonos database is played by the ZonePlayers. Similarly, the Sonos database is not made available to any other device. This ensures that the reliability of the Sonos network is maintained.

Extra Vegetables will be officially launching the driver at ISE in Amsterdam, Netherlands 2-4 February where they will exhibit at the Control4 booth. The driver will be available for purchase from 8 February via the Extra Vegetables website.

The driver will be priced at roughly the same as a Sonos Controller. Dealers can access dealer pricing by registering on the web site.

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