Published On: February 23, 2011

Crestron MC3 3-Series Control System Redefines the Future

Published On: February 23, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Crestron MC3 3-Series Control System Redefines the Future

Okay, maybe it didn't come from the year 3092 with the Doctor in the Tardis, but Crestron's MP3 3-Series Control System does seem like something well ahead of its time, with cloud-based architecture and IT platform engineering.

Crestron MC3 3-Series Control System Redefines the Future

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Crestron recently announced the availability of its new generation MC3, the first 3-Series control system powered by Core 3 OS. Developed and engineered like an IT platform, rather than an AV system, the 3-Series platform is a cloud-based architecture designed to provide a foundation for integrated building technology and advanced home control.

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The MC3 reportedly combines the agility and speed of a computer operating system with the reliability of a network appliance, enabling real-time multitasking to run up to 10 independent programs, all communicating with each other on the same platform.

When performing upgrades to any single part of the control system, it is no longer required to take down and update the entire system. Because each module is partitioned, a restart or upload of one program does not affect the others, resulting in less programming and downtime.

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Crestron_mc3_3-Series_connections.pngUpgrades can now be performed on any individual subsystem - AV, lighting, climate control, and security systems for example - while allowing the other programs to run in the background, the same way IT performs upgrades. Until now, to make a change to one subsystem, the whole system had to be shut down.

This exclusive IT-based architecture enables integrators to perform system maintenance and expansion in ways never before possible, increasing run-time efficiency and stability. For corporate campuses and universities with dozens, hundreds or thousands of rooms, and organizations with facilities in cities around the world and in different time zones, maintenance, troubleshooting, upgrades and debugging can be executed quickly, securely and seamlessly.

On a single 3-Series platform, fully-integrated control of entertainment, AV and environmental systems in commercial buildings, homes, schools, hotels and casinos, command centers and multi-campus environments is faster, simpler, and more efficient than previously possible or imagined.

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