Published On: October 9, 2013


Published On: October 9, 2013
Last Updated on: March 9, 2022
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CRT or cathode ray tube was the beginning of high definition video technology. While it was a breakthrough, it was also terribly complicated with all kinds of things to know and parts to adjust


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The cathode ray tube (CRT) was the traditional technology behind standard- and ultimately high-definition HDTV television sets. CRT technology was found in rear-projection sets and direct view televisions, as well as front projectors.

Even though the image quality was excellent, CRTs were bulky, heavy, complex, and only the most expensive could do a full resolution 1080i signal. They also weren't very bright. CRT front projectors, though lauded for their black levels, produced an extremely dim image on even small-ish projection screens. The current generation of LCOS front projectors offer near-CRT black levels, but much higher brightness.

In an attempt to create as sharp an image as possible give the poor 480i sources of the day, most CRT projectors were paired with line doublers and line quadruplers, the processors of modern-day scalers. The most famous was Faroudja's VP400, which at nearly $30,000 retail was an amazingly expensive component for its era (late 1990s), but when paired with a nine-inch CRT projector, like the Vidikron Vision One, made one heck of a video image at the time.

In the home, LCD and Plasma flat panels have completely replaced direct-view CRTs in the US market.

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