Published On: October 3, 2023

Cyrus Launches its Inaugural Turntable – The TTP Turntable

Published On: October 3, 2023
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Cyrus Launches its Inaugural Turntable – The TTP Turntable

Breaking away from its digital roots, Cyrus Audio makes a bold entrance into the analog realm with the announcement of the TTP Turntable.

Cyrus Launches its Inaugural Turntable – The TTP Turntable

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In a surprising move, Cyrus Audio, a renowned British hi-fi brand, has announced the launch of its inaugural turntable, the Cyrus TTP Turntable, as part of the celebration of its upcoming 40th anniversary. Breaking away from its traditional focus on electronics, the company is venturing into the world of analog audio with a high-end offering that comes with a substantial price tag.

Since its inception in 1984, Cyrus has established itself as a key player in the audio industry, producing award-winning electronics like the CDi player and integrated amplifiers. However, the introduction of the Cyrus TTP Turntable marks a significant expansion of its product range into the realm of vinyl playback.

Nick Clarke, MD at Cyrus said: “We wanted to provide the best possible playback regardless of the media and were looking to add a partner to our multi award-winning Phono Signature. While not known for turntable design, we have partnered with a hugely skilled and vertically integrated German engineering company for the mechanical aspects while applying our skills to the PSU and motor drive to create what we believe is one of the best turntables at this price.” 

The Cyrus TTP Turntable features a belt-drive design, with a plinth and platter precision-machined from solid aluminum blocks to ensure stability during operation. The platter, suspended on a hardened steel axle with an ultra-precise bearing, promises a superior vinyl playback experience. The turntable offers electronic speed change capabilities (33 1/3 and 45 rpm) through simple buttons on the deck, while the playback itself is manually operated.

Cyrus Audio's TTP Turntable tonearm

The lightweight tonearm included with the turntable is designed to distribute mass effectively, minimizing points of resonance and ensuring accurate reading of the vinyl groove. Notably, Cyrus has chosen not to include a cartridge as standard, allowing customers and dealers the flexibility to fit their cartridge of choice onto the deck.

Cyrus demonstrates its expertise in power supply with the TTP's DC synchronous motor, featuring a custom-designed digital control circuit. 

The company claims that this configuration reduces wow and flutter, ensuring exceptional speed stability during playback. For enthusiasts looking to enhance performance further, the turntable provides RCA phono connections and an optional PSX-R2 power supply socket, available separately for £995 / $1200, promising an even more stable, ultra-low noise power supply for the motor.

As for the price, the Cyrus TTP Turntable is positioned in the high-end market with a retail price of £4295 / $5495. While this might raise eyebrows, Cyrus is confident that the TTP Turntable justifies its price through the incorporation of cutting-edge technology and precision engineering. The turntable is set to hit the market at the end of October 2023.

Furthermore, Cyrus Audio is aligning the release of the TTP Turntable with its existing lineup, ensuring compatibility with products like the Phono Signature preamplifier, the Classic, and the XR Series of pre-amps and integrated amps. 

To showcase its latest creation, Cyrus Audio will debut the TTP Turntable at the Warsaw Audio Show from October 27th to 29th. The company is confident that the TTP Turntable will be a fitting addition to its product lineup and will meet the expectations of discerning audiophiles.

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