Published On: July 31, 2018

DALI CALLISTO Hi-Fi Wireless System Now Available in the U.S.

Published On: July 31, 2018
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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DALI CALLISTO Hi-Fi Wireless System Now Available in the U.S.

The new active wireless speaker systems supports Lenbrook's BluOS high-resolution multiroom music stream via an optional module.

DALI CALLISTO Hi-Fi Wireless System Now Available in the U.S.

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The new DALI CALLISTO system certainly seems to have it all. High-end sensibilities? Check. Ultra-modern connectivity? Check. Multiroom functionality and compatibility with one of the slickest wireless streaming systems out there in the form of BluOS? Check and check. The system comes with your choice of active bookshelf speakers or towers, either of which connects wirelessly to a hub that can support an optional BluOS module. A complete system with said module will run you between $4,750 and $5,750 depending on your choice of speakers.

From Lenbrook:

Lenbrook Americas today launched the DALI CALLISTO line of high performance floorstanding and bookshelf speakers with wireless capability. CALLISTO features a choice of their own developed active bookshelf (Model 2C) or tower speakers (Model 6C) that wirelessly connect to the DALI Sound Hub. Utilizing the latest connectivity from Qualcomm aptX HD, the Sound Hub can also be upgraded with an optional BluOS module running premium hi-res multiroom audio and music management.

DALI_CALLISTO_Family.jpgThe DALI CALLISTO 6C and 2C are available for immediate delivery in choice of premium White or Black wood finishes. Complete systems that include the DALI Sound Hub and BluOS module are: $4750 MSRP U.S. for the CALLISTO 2C and $5750 for the CALLISTO 6C.

The CALLISTO line features a compelling selection of the brand's developed active bookshelf or tower speakers that wirelessly connect to the DALI Sound Hub. The addition of the award-winning BluOS platform, developed by Lenbrook America's parent company and first successfully utilized in the Bluesound brand, allows CALLISTO to connect to a home's WiFi network to stream Hi-Res Audio at bitrates up to 24/192 from the growing number of sources integrated into BluOS or from a cloud-based music library.

BluOS multi-room capabilities allow CALLISTO to connect with up to 64 other BluOS Enabled products within the expanding BluOS ecosystem. Currently all products in Bluesound's Hi-Res wireless multi-room system and many of NAD Electronics' high-fidelity amplifiers, receivers, and custom installation components are BluOS Enabled. All BluOS Enabled players are controlled by an easy-to-use free downloadable app for iOS, Android, or Windows or Mac desktops.

True to the exacting standards of DALI's other products, the CALLISTO line features high fidelity audio performance and elegant handcrafted finishes. "We are excited to be able to combine high performance loudspeakers with technical innovations such as Qualcomm aptX HD and BluOS.", commented Lars Worre, CEO of DALI Loudspeakers. "The US market, like others globally, is experiencing a shift in consumer behavior and we believe that matching high fidelity powered speakers like DALI's with a versatile and modern multi-room operating system like BluOS will be a true game changer".

"The wireless DALI CALLISTO speaker system re-imagines Hi-Fi for the 21st Century, without the need for complicated electronics", explained Jeff Earl, DALI Product Manager for Lenbrook America. "As a convenient option, users can playback and stream all their Hi-Res music files easily and conveniently via BluOS from their smart device or music server. The CALLISTO Hi-Fi system is made in Denmark and is built on 35 years of award-winning DALI innovation".

At the heart of the system, the DALI Sound Hub brings true no-compromise convenience to music and movie lovers. It transmits Hi-Res audio in true HD quality (24bit/96KHz) to the CALLISTO speakers while the user takes control of the hub with their mobile device. The Sound Hub will automatically switch to whichever source is connected and can be hidden out if sight, if so desired, as the remote control connects via Bluetooth.

Whether listening to music from an online streaming service, a Hi-Res download or a CD/record player, DALI believes listeners should hear music as the artist intended. With a variety of inputs, from traditional wired connections to Qualcomm aptX HD and AAC - plus two future-proof expansion ports (e.g. BluOS) - CALLISTO is ready to connect the way you want it to.

Other Important Features Found in CALLISTO systems:

    • Touch Sensitive Volume. The touch sensitive panel atop the CALLISTO speaker cabinet lets the user control the volume at the touch of their finger tip. The included Bluetooth remote or the Sound Hub's volume knob can also be used, if so desired.
    • SMC Technology and Driver Technology the CALLISTO woofers benefit from patented Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) in the pole piece. The result is an extremely agile, linear woofer with a significant reduction of distortion from mechanical loss. The low-mass CALLISTO wood fiber cones are optimized to work in perfect balance with the built-in amplifier.
    • Class D Amplifier - the CALLISTO Class D amplifier is based on patented state-of-the-art technology with a global feedback and self-oscillating design, chosen for its very musical properties. It's able to deliver 250 Watts for up to 5 secs, ensuring plenty of power even in complex musical passages or massive movie explosions.
    • Hybrid Tweeter Module - DALI's trademark hybrid tweeter module combines the dome tweeter with a ribbon tweeter for an amazing rendering of high frequencies and a dispersion of high frequency audio that outperforms all other tweeter technologies.

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