Published On: August 11, 2015

DALI Introduces the Opticon Speaker Series

Published On: August 11, 2015
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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DALI Introduces the Opticon Speaker Series

DALI has introduced the new Opticon speaker series, which includes seven models: The Opticon 8, 6, and 5 tower speakers; the Opticon 2 and 1 stand-mount models; the on-wall Opticon LCR model; and the Opticon Vokal center channel. Design details...

DALI Introduces the Opticon Speaker Series

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DALI-Opticon.jpgDALI has introduced the new Opticon speaker series, which includes seven models: The Opticon 8, 6, and 5 tower speakers; the Opticon 2 and 1 stand-mount models; the on-wall Opticon LCR model; and the Opticon Vokal center channel. Design details are provided below. All seven models will be available in September.

From The Sound Organisation
The Sound Organisation is excited to introduce the new DALI OPTICON Loudspeaker Series consisting of seven models ranging from a compact stand-mount to ample floor-stander to slim wall-mount and center channel. With pricing from $995 to $3,795 and available in September, the series has a speaker for every room and any application all done the DALI way with an unyielding focus on audio reproduction and construction quality using the latest breakthrough technologies.

DALI is in control of not only the design, development, construction and manufacturing of all their speaker series, but also keeps as many parts made in-house as possible and thereby have an even tighter control over the quality. This includes their large and efficient woodworking facility.

Opticon cabinets are available in three finishes: Gloss Black and Walnut, with Gloss White a special order. The Opticon replaces the venerable DALI Ikon MKII Series with technologies derived from the Rubicon and Epicon Series.

Opticon Features:
• With the significant addition of patented SMC magnet technology, Opticon woofers now feature DALI's Linear Drive System that dramatically lowers hysteresis and eddy currents. The result is measurable and audible reduction of third- and fifth-order harmonic distortion, improved clarity and coherence.
• The woofer cone is made from a pulp mix of paper and wood fiber that ensures very low surface resonance, low mass and high rigidity and gives the cones their distinctive reddish color. The cones are hand doped to further increase performance.
• Opticon woofers are carefully designed for their low-loss abilities. The signature wood-fibre cone terminates in a rubber surround that is chosen for its soft and very flexible properties.
• Hybrid tweeter modules featuring DALI-designed dome and ribbon tweeters offer an amazing rendering of the high frequencies, and a tremendous vertical and horizontal dispersion of high frequency sounds.
• Gently rolled in above 10 kHz, the ribbon reaches full contribution from 14 kHz to well beyond 30 kHz, far above the audible range. This is tailored to the dome, giving a smooth and linear presentation
• Equipped with rear chambers fitted with rigid bracing, the ribbon and dome are shielded from the disruptive influence of the woofers.
• In the Opticon 8, the midrange driver resides in its own sealed enclosure, isolating it from the turbulence of the bass drivers. This further improves timing, coherence and low-level detail retrieval.
• All Opticon speakers rely on the bass reflex principle. The bass reflex port has been tuned to minimize distortion from the woofers, and to control the time response of the bass system.
Hand-built crossovers emphasize simplicity for the 2-way and 3-way speakers. Using very high quality components and optimized placement, they maintain timing, coherence and detail while representing an easy load to the amplifiers.
• The Opticon series front baffle form a rigid base for the drivers, which are gasketed and screw-mounted directly into the 1" thick MDF.
• The slim-line design of the high-gloss front baffle contributes to the stereo perspective. The 'clean' surface is not only pleasing to the eye, but also chamfered to reduce diffraction to a minimum.
• The cabinets are manufactured in DALI's Danish factory and employ a very rigid construction. Solid bracings across the inside of the chambered cabinet for reinforcement add stiffness, and practically eliminate resonance within the cabinet.
• The beautiful wrapped veneers are applied in such a way to ensure no air leaks, with clean smooth edges and a book-matched appearance.
• The terminals were developed especially for this series and feature sturdy, gold-plated binding posts.
• Opticon 1, 2, LCR and VOKAL are prepared for single wiring; the rest of the series feature bi-wiring terminals with a heavy power bridge (included) for single wiring. The binding posts will accept banana, spade and cable.

The DALI Opticon Series is shipping in September and available exclusively at select Specialty Audio Dealers in the U.S.

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