Decware DM944 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Decware DM944 Bookshelf Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Decware_DM944_bookshelf_speaker_review.jpgHigh Points
• The DM944 is clearly aimed at the budget enthusiast and its sub-$1,000 price tag reflects that - though there is nothing budget about the DM944's sound.
• The DM944's appearance has a high WAF (wife acceptance factor), thanks to its small stature and standard cherry finish.
• The DM944 can be run with a measly two-Watt tube amplifier that Decware not only sells but is famous for. Of course you can use other amplifiers as well.
• The DM944s are hand-made in the USA and are not mass-produced. The only caveat to this is that they're not always available upon placing your order, which is a small concession - I think - for American made quality.
• The DM944 has a slightly warm sound that should serve many different genres of music well, not to mention they image like champions and feature a highly addictive and dynamic sound, thanks to their design and efficiency.

Low Points
• The DM944 is sensitive to speaker placement but when properly set up the imaging is simply excellent.
• The DM944 does not have dual binding posts allowing you to bi-amp your speakers but Steve Deckert, founder and chief engineer of Decware, has updated this in the DM945 bookshelf.
• The DM944 may not be enough speaker to fill larger rooms, but mated to a subwoofer or moved to a smaller room they should flourish.

Competition and Comparison
There are a few other high efficiency bookshelf loudspeakers that are comparable to the DM944; bookshelf speakers such as the Zu Audio Omen Bookshelf at $650/pair, Paradigm's Reference Studio 20 v.5 at $798/pair, Tekton's Model 65t/ $600 a pair and the Model 81t at $650/ pair. Also, the Omega Super 5 at $950/ pair and the Omega Compact Hemp at $1,399/pair also deserve to be in the conversation. Zu Audio, Tekton and Omega's loudspeakers are all hand-made in the USA and have similar specifications to that of the Decware DM944, which makes them the most direct competitors to the Decware DM944.

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The Decware DM944 bookshelf loudspeaker succeeds at being efficient, dynamic, musical and affordable - a rare feat. All in all, the DM944 is a fantastic way to go if you are searching for a great bookshelf speaker for under a $1000, for you would be hard pressed to find another speaker this good for that price. The DM944 itself, as well as its retail price, is pretty amazing when you consider it's hand-made and built to order in the USA during a time in which the rest of the industry seams to be moving their manufacturing overseas. Unless you plan on spending two to three times more, I don't believe you'll find a more complete and fantastic sounding bookshelf loudspeaker.

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