Definitive Audio (Seattle)


Definitive Audio's Seattle store isn't as grand as their Bellevue, Washington showroom but its loaded with the absolute finest in AV gear money can by ranging from Wilson Audio speakers to Meridian electronics to Audio Research tube gear to Runco video. It just doesn't get any better. And if you can't find what you are looking for at the Seattle store - the Bellevue store isn't that far away. Many insiders book an appointment with Craig Abplanalp before stopping by the store however you can walk in without an appointment with no hassles whatsoever.

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6206 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, Washington
98115 USA

Phone: 206-524-6633

Manager(s): Craig Aplanalp, Eric Ward, Mark Leclair, Kevin Wells

Product Lines: Meridian, Wilson Audio, B&W, Paradigm, Classe, Rotel, Pioneer, Runco, SIM2, Audio Research, Transparent

* This dealer offers custom installation.

* This dealer has a retail showroom.

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