Definitive Audio (Bellevue)


If there was a national listing for the top dealer, Definitive Audio in Bellevue might win the overall award. Every brand in specialty audio wants to be sold in this store. In June of every year, Mark Ormiston's Definitive Audio throws a local audio-video show and gets over 1,000 customers (many of which are executives at Microsoft, Starbucks, Amazon and Boeing) to come and see the newest and most forward looking technology that the specialty AV business has to offer.

Definitive Audio's custom installation department is among the top ten nationwide. They have done systems in the largest of homes complete with distributed audio, home automation and distributed video. And that's just for starters. Their Star Wars themed and Ferrari collector themed theaters are top-level theaters with ultra-high-end equipment and tasteful design. Definitive's Eric Ward is beloved by their custom installation clients, architects and designers.

Definitive Audio, with over 100 employees, has a full commercial division run by Kevin Flandreau that does large buildings, conference rooms for companies like Nintendo, marine installations in large yachts as well as aircraft systems in planes as large as an MD88.

The product lines sold at Definitive Audio is a who's who in the AV business including: Meridian, Wilson Audio, B&W, Paradigm, Classe, Rotel, Pioneer, Runco, SIM2 and many many more.

Definitive Audio is The French Laundry of specialty audio-video dealers. Everybody wants to get in however unlike the 16 table Yountville, California restaurant - every one that wants to do business with Definitive Audio can get in.

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2045 120th Avenue NE
Bellevue, Washington
98005 USA

Phone: 425-746-3188

Manager(s): Craig Aplanalp, Eric Ward, Mark Leclair, Kevin Wells

Product Lines: Meridian, Wilson Audio, B&W, Paradigm, Classe, Rotel, Pioneer, Runco, SIM2, Audio Research, Transparent

* This dealer offers custom installation.

* This dealer has a retail showroom.

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