Published On: June 20, 2011

Definitive Technology Adds 3-Channel and 5-Channel Soundbars

Published On: June 20, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Definitive Technology Adds 3-Channel and 5-Channel Soundbars

Definitive Technology adds more models to their Mythos on-wall speaker line. This time they are adding two soundbars that come packed with a host of features designed to set them apart from other soundbars.

Definitive Technology Adds 3-Channel and 5-Channel Soundbars

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Definitive_Technology_Mythos_XTR-55A5_soundbar.gifDefinitive Technology just announced two new models of Mythos XTR on-wall component loudspeakers for delivery in July 2011: the XTR-SSA3, a three channel L/C/R sound bar, and the XTR-SSA5, an ultra-slim five-channel surround bar. Both models are component loudspeakers designed to be used with a surround receiver and powered subwoofer.

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The XTR-SSA5 (MSRP $999) features Definitive's Spatial Array, a patented technology that reportedly optimizes the spatial presentation of five channels to create the illusion that the listeners are surrounded by five separate speakers. The XTR-SSA3 (MSRP $799) uses Spatial Array technology on the Left and Right channels to widen the soundstage, the company claims.

The XTR-SSA3 and XTR-SSA5 are 1-5/8 (4cm) deep, designed for use next to ultra-slim TVs. All XTR model enclosures are fabricated from hand polished aircraft grade extruded Aluminum.

Both XTR-SSA models come supplied with a wall mount bracket as well as adjustable supports for horizontal shelf placement that allow the speaker to be raised up over protruding TV shelf stands.

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