Definitive Technology BP-8020ST Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Definitive Technology BP-8020ST Floorstanding Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Definitive_Technology_BP8020_floorstanding_speaker_review_small.gifI've been a fan of Definitive Technology for as long as I can remember. In fact, I used their famous bi-polar SuperTower loudspeakers as my personal reference in my home theater for over two years. Imagine my excitement when I learned that Definitive recently updated their storied bi-polar line of loudspeakers beginning with the new BP-8020ST.

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Retailing for $599 each, the BP-8020STs are the smallest, most affordable, bi-polar SuperTowers in the line. Retaining much of the visual styling of the classic SuperTower loudspeakers, the BP-8020ST takes the Spartan look and adds a bit of design flare mainly in its use of subtle, tapered edges as you approach the front baffle. Behind the BP-8020ST's trademark black sock rests two, three and a half inch midrange drivers with a single, one-inch aluminum tweeter sandwiched between in a D'Appolito configuration. Being a bi-polar design, the BP-8020ST also uses the same driver compliment firing backwards as it does firing forward. The BP-8020ST also features a side firing eight-inch, 150-Watt, powered subwoofer. The BP-8020ST has a reported frequency response of 30Hz to 30kHz with a sensitivity of 92dB into a nominal impedance of eight Ohms. That's a lot of capability packed into a fairly compact cabinet, which measures in at 36 inches tall by six inches wide and 12 inches deep. The BP-8020ST comes with stabilizer feet to better "ground" the narrow cabinet, for its 34 pounds isn't necessarily enough to get the job done if you're one with small children or medium to large dogs.

When it comes to connecting the BP-8020ST to your two-channel or home theater system you have a few options beginning with a single pair of robust, five-way binding posts that can accept all types of speaker cable. You can chose to run the BP-8020ST full-range via their binding posts; adjusting the subwoofer level via a volume knob located above and to the right of the binding posts. You can also connect the BP-8020ST's subwoofer to your home theater receiver or AV processor via its LFE input, which means your receiver or AV processor will essentially view the BP-8020ST as two separate loudspeakers. Of course, in order to take advantage of the BP-8020ST's built-in subwoofer you have to plug the slim floorstander into a standard wall outlet.

As far as the BP-8020ST's sound is concerned it retains all of the magic that made its predecessors so great, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. The BP-8020ST possesses an open and mildly warm midrange that manages to seduce as well as captivate. The BP-8020ST's aluminum dome tweeter possessed a surprising amount of air and extension without sounding harsh or brittle, provided I didn't push them too hard. Together the BP-8020ST's midrange and high frequency performance was very coherent, much like you'd expect to hear from a small monitor loudspeaker, only more enveloping thanks to its bi-polar design. The BP-8020ST's bass performance was solid, providing ample depth for small to medium sized rooms. I ran the BP-8020ST's full range and simply adjusted the internal sub's output via the level control on the back. When played too vigorously or asked to fill too large of a room the sub can sound a little bloated and slow. For more low end output or SPL overall, move up the SuperTower line for the BP-8020ST is ideally suited for smaller living rooms, dens or even bedroom systems. Within its limits the BP-8020ST is one hell of a compact, full-range loudspeaker.

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