Published On: August 17, 2010

Definitive Technology Introduces Three New On-wall Speakers

Published On: August 17, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Definitive Technology Introduces Three New On-wall Speakers

Long standing leader in the ultra-thin on-wall speaker category, Definitive Technology is out with a new line of 1.5 inch thick Mythos XTR loudspeakers. Designed to match the thin LED HDTVs in the market today, these Definitive Technology speakers offer different models to match popular HDTV sizes.

Definitive Technology Introduces Three New On-wall Speakers

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Definitive Technology has announced three new models of Mythos XTR on-wall loudspeakers for delivery November 2010: the XTR-60 sized to match 55- to 60-inch and larger displays; the XTR-40 for 40- to 42-inch displays; and the XTR-20BP whose design is optimized for surround channel use. XTR-50, the original model in the product line (shipped in March 2010), is sized for 46- to 55-inch TVs.

The XTR-60, XTR-50, and XTR-40 are only 1.5 inches deep, for use next to ultra-slim LED TVs. The XTR-20BP is 2.5 inches deep and features bipolar sound radiation, ideal for surround channel applications. All XTR model enclosures are fabricated from hand polished aircraft grade extruded Aluminum.

All XTR models come supplied with a wall mount bracket that allows either vertical or horizontal orientation. The XTR-60, as well as the original XTR-50, includes a smoked, tempered glass stand while the XTR-20BP comes with a simple stand for vertical table-top placement. The XTR-60, XTR-50, and XTR-40 are supplied with hardware for horizontal shelf placement.

The secret to the XTR's performance is Definitive's patent-pending XTDD technology driver. Using computer modeling and decades of speaker design experience Definitive engineers eliminated wasted space, optimized parts and maximized the moving surface area of a dynamic driver to shrink it down while retaining audio fidelity.

To extend and deepen the bass response of such a thin speaker the drivers are pressure-coupled to aluminum dome low-bass radiators in the new XTR-60 and XTR-40 as well as the original XTR-50. The XTR-20BP is a sealed system. The center-mounted tweeter used throughout the line is the same Pure Aluminum dome tweeter found in Definitive's top-of-the-line Mythos ST SuperTower.

"The XTR-50 caused quite a stir when we first showed it at CEDIA in 2009" said Definitive's Executive VP Dave Peet. "Dealers instantly recognized that with the new ultra-thin TVs their customers would be asking for matching shallow speakers that are attractive, easy to mount and don't trade off sound quality for thinness. We were fortunate to be the first speaker manufacturer to address that need. Now at CEDIA 2010 everyone will see that we have yet again anticipated consumers' needs with additional models for different size TVs and levels of performance as well as a matching model for surround."

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