Definitive Technology Mythos 7 On-Wall Speaker Reviewed

Published On: November 9, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Definitive Technology Mythos 7 On-Wall Speaker Reviewed

This center channel speaker will blend in seamlessly with any home theater environment. The low-end audio from the speaker "is far superior to almost any other center channel speaker in the same price range" according to our reviewer. Essentially, this mid-range priced speaker includes many elements of higher-end design elements...

Definitive Technology Mythos 7 On-Wall Speaker Reviewed

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When it comes to perfect replication of professional theater sound, the most important component of any home theater's speaker configuration is the center channel speaker. This speaker not only has to deliver a movie's dialogue with crystal-clear audio imaging, it also has to disperse high-end audio elements, such as sound effects and various background musical surges during an action-packed movie sequence, into the listening area.

Definitive Technology is an audio manufacturer that understands the importance of integrating a high-quality center channel with the rest of your home theater speaker set-up, so they have designed the $400 Mythos 7 On-Wall speaker to be used as the center channel speaker for that specific purpose. This extremely well-designed speaker incorporates an acoustically contoured faceplate with a one-inch pure aluminum dome tweeter, resulting in a much smoother and more detailed frequency response.

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The overall powerful design of the Mythos 7 is successfully combined with a modern-looking aesthetic that should blend in quite well with any home theater environment. Weighing in at a fairly light seven pounds, this speaker has a reported frequency response of 60Hz-30kHz and features sturdy aircraft grade extruded aluminum as its primary enclosure material. The speaker's two three-inch high-definition bass/midrange drivers are combined with two three-inch pressure coupled bass radiators that help drive superior low-end audio into the listening area with powerful dexterity.

The Mythos 7 was designed for use as a center channel speaker that should be installed directly underneath your flat-panel HDTV or your projection screen for best results. This speaker can also be mounted on a flat table surface if you prefer. It is available in either gloss black or polished silver, both of which lend a very attractive and eye-pleasing element to this Definitive Technology center channel speaker.

Read about the high points and the low points of the Mythos 7 on Page 2.


High Points
• When it comes to reproducing clear and concise dialogue sequences
during a movie's quieter moments, the Mythos 7 is amazingly good.
• Because of this center channel speaker's fairly compact and sleek
design enclosure, the Mythos 7 will blend in seamlessly with any home
theater environment.
• The amazingly adroit and powerful low-end audio that this speaker
disperses is far superior to almost any other center channel speaker in
the same price range.
• Definitive Technology has brought in a lot of higher-end design
elements to the more mid-range-priced Mythos 7, and the overall sound
performance of this center channel speaker certainly reflects that
high-end quality design.

Low Points
• Even though this speaker handles low-end audio dispersion well enough,
given its size and design, it's not quite up to par with larger center
channel speakers, even larger on-walls.
• Since this center channel speaker is not wireless, you still will have
to either put up with wire clutter or you will have to run the wires
down through the wall, a chore not many people enjoy.

When it comes to replicating the true professional-sounding theater
experience, the Mythos 7 center channel on-wall speaker does a fine job,
without exception, of sustaining very clean dialogue segments during
Blu-ray and DVD playback. The solid construction of even the
rubber-tipped feet that allow this speaker to be fully mounted on any
table top where you may want to place it speaks to Definitive
Technology's desire to create a substantial and rugged speaker for the
electronic marketplace.

This high degree of flexible design and attractive overall
construction of the Mythos 7 results in a speaker that reproduces true
theater surround sound and also disperses a dynamic sound range that
will work quite well for two-channel audio purists, along with the more
discriminating home theater fanatic.
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