Definitive Technology Mythos ST Super Towers Reviewed

Published On: October 13, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Definitive Technology Mythos ST Super Towers Reviewed

The Mythos ST has rapidly become a crowd favorite due to it's reasonable price and exceptional performance. The looks are design friendly and the sound beyond their price point.

Definitive Technology Mythos ST Super Towers Reviewed

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DefinitiveMythosST.jpgDefinitive Technology has been one of the most highly respected and sold speaker brands almost since their arrival on the scene in 1990. They have been well-received in large part due to the incredible price-to-performance ratio offered by their speakers. Through the use of integrated subwoofers, Definitive has been able to offer true full-range speakers for far less than the price of many mere monitors. They don't just do bass, though. Def Tech has been making speakers that produce sound equal the big-boy, high-dollar models for a fraction of their price, and the new Mythos ST super tower is the flagship speaker in the Definitive Technology line. It comes in priced at just shy of $4,000 per pair. 

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The Mythos ST is a 51-and-one-half-inch tall, slender tower that stands on a real granite base with either spikes or plastic feet to aid in leveling and isolating the speaker from the floor. The tower comes in a highly polished black or silver aluminum monocogue case. It boasts a D'Appolito array of two midranges flanking a tweeter on top of the slender tower and a built-in subwoofer akin to Definitive's Super Cube with three racetrack-shaped oval drivers. One active and the surrounding two passive radiators handle bass down to 14 Hz, let me state that again, to 14 Hz. Add to this the rated sensitivity of 93 db and you have a speaker that can be easily powered by low-power output tube amps just as easily as by monster solid state amplifiers.

The new sleek design makes this speaker at home in a modern house. It compliments flat panel displays well, due to the small cross-section area of the tower. Due to the integrated subwoofer and level control, the tower can be placed where it aesthetically looks best. The bass can trimmed via the level control. In most speakers, bass response is entirely dependent on placement, often requiring the speakers to be set fairly far into a room to get the best bass out of them. This makes the Mythos room- and designer- friendly, while not compromising its sonic qualities.

The Mythos ST is a true full-range speaker that will output sound to sick levels without compression, while maintaining full-range sound. Pianos have great weight, while saxes stay brassy and sharp without becoming harsh. The midrange is warm and smooth. The speaker is capable of huge dynamics, making it equally at home in a high-end audio or combined AV system.

High Points
• The Mythos ST offers amazing full-range sound at a budget price. Some might see this as a downside and audio snobs might not see envision this speaker in a high-dollar system. I would disagree and say that you'd be smart to have this in any system. Compare the Mythos ST with the likes of MartinLogan, Revel and B&W before looking to Definitive as a slight upgrade over Bose or Polk, as this speaker is an audiophile's dream come true in terms of both sound and configuration.

• The sleek tower appearance offers a small footprint and modern look, making the ST beautiful, designer- and wife-friendly.
• The integrated subwoofers extend the bass response to 14 Hz and can be powered off the speaker wires ins or their own line level input, allowing plenty of set-up options.

Low Points
• The speaker wire binding posts are recessed into a deep groove that will limit the types of speaker wire you can use on these speakers.
• The powered subwoofer by nature requires power, so each Mythos ST must be plugged into an electrical outlet. This could cause potential placement issues in some rooms.

The Definitive Technology Mythos ST super tower is without a doubt a groundbreaking speaker, offering full-range sound at a bargain price with looks to suit even the pickiest of designers and wives, and sound to keep even the highest-end audiophile or home theater fanatic happy all for a price per pair less than many high-end center channels. This is a must-audition speaker for anyone looking for an upgrade. The design makes set-up extremely flexible and easy and the high efficiency allows use with almost any amplifiers or receivers. I can't recommend this speaker highly enough. The sound of the new Definitive Technology Mythos ST is truly world-class and far beyond what you'd expect for the price. This just might be the best speaker value of all time.

  • jacksquat
    2020-02-21 23:11:42

    Powered woofers like these are no substitute for a real stand alone Subwoofer. Especially for home theater.

  • Paul Burgess
    2017-11-25 15:31:01

    I've only read one individual's negative review of these speakers. His complaint was of a lack of bass and I think it was a system problem and not a speaker problem. Two things come to mind. The speaker setting in the surround sound set-up has to be either large or both for the LFE out-put. If the speaker setting is for small with a sub-woofer the processor will send the LFE bass frequencies to a non existent sub-woofer. Unless you use the ST's LFE input. The other reason is not plugging in the speakers built in powered sub-woofer. I actually find it nice to not need an external powered sub-woofer. While a sub-sat system can sound great, I've always thought that a good full range speaker sounded better. No matter what type of music I listen to, these sound musical. And no matter what movie I've watched, they sound cinematic. And they produce bass, thundering bass at that. One last thing. Definitive Technology's customer service department is second to none. I found that out when I had trouble with a ten year old Definitive Technology sub-woofer I owned.

  • greg
    2009-02-06 04:57:13

    <p>The Mythos I really want to hear. Harvey Sound in Manhattan is a Definitive dealer, but I`ve never seen the Mythos on display in their showroom. Thus my dismay, as I`ve never heard them for myself. And after kennyt talking about how much he loves his, did not help either. Hopefully, that will change soon. For, this seems like a speaker we all would be very happy to own. </p>

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