Definitive Technology Procinema 60 System Reviewed

Published On: April 18, 2003
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Definitive Technology Procinema 60 System Reviewed

Our reviewer was "really blown away" listening to DVD 5.1 material, saying, "I never expected such thunder and excitement from this little system." Dialogue was crisp and clear" while bass response was "impressive...and offered "enough impact for just about anybody's tastes."

Definitive Technology Procinema 60 System Reviewed

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Many products in the consumer electronics industry are either ho-hum or me-too. Once a product segment is introduced, many manufacturers jump on the bandwagon with their two cents. And that's exactly what many of their efforts are worth. In the case of home theater in-a-box systems, there have been many good

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efforts, and many more average attempts at giving good performance in a single box. Many have failed this task, and have left the scene with their tails between their legs. When it comes to systems in a box, merchandisers like them for the compactness of these introductory systems, as well as for their accessible price points.

Definitive Technology, a company known for their no-nonsense aproach to speaker design as well as their critically acclaimed ProCinema 80 and 100 systems, have been doing this for a very long time. Definitive is a company that offers high performance and incredible value in a single package, and they recently introduced their stab at the ultra-compact, value-oriented home theater in a box, and I have to say, I was very excited to get this system into our testing facility.

Unique Features - If vanishingly small size and superb sound are what you're after, Definitive Technology's ProCinema 60 system is where it's at. Packaged to be shipped in one box, the five speakers plus a powered subwoofer emerge from a package that feels like it should be bigger. All of this from just one box? Ingenious. The four matching ProMonitor 60s are small and attractive, and should fit just about anywhere in any given room. The matching ProCenter 60 and ProSub 60 should also blend into a room seamlessly, since they are built with similar components. Also, the system is available in both black and white, again offering the opportunity to blend into your decor. With the optional speaker stands, the PC6Os can be put anywhere in the room, or even mounted to the wall, achieving a look that some users may be after. Using similar drivers to its bigger brothers, the PC60's performance is sure to be great. To further improve the sound, Definitive's ProMonitor 60 and ProCenter 60 cabinets are molded from Definitive's proprietary non-resonant PolyStone mineral-filled polymer compound, resulting in a non-resonant character which Definitive believes to be superior to wood. In addition, the unique curved shape of the cabinet is precisely configured in combination with the non-parallel top and bottom to minimize internal standing waves and cabinet wall resonance in order to further assure absolute sonic purity. What this means to the layman is that it was designed to improve the sound quality you ultimately hear.

Installation/Setup/Ease of Use - Setting up the PC60 system was a breeze. Following the attached manual, the recommended method is to hook it up as a sub/sat system, whereby you connect the front PC60s through the subwoofer's connections, and if you are using an SACD or DVD-Audio setup, you may want to run an additional cable from your receiver to the LFE input on the ProSub 60. Otherwise, just running speaker cable from your A/V receiver to the subwoofer and then out to your right and left PC60, and from your receiver to your PC60 surround speakers and center speaker will do the job. The binding posts on the PC60 system are nice and easy to use, which always gets high marks in my book. Setting up and situating the system took about fifteen minutes, and placement of the ProSub 60 took another five minutes of fine tuning and listening to get the best results.


When listening to DVD 5.1 material, I was really blown away. I never expected such thunder and excitement from this little system, but it delivered, and then some. Dialogue was crisp and clear from the Definitive Technology ProCenter 60 center speaker, which is so important since about 70 percent of a film's soundtrack is delivered through the center speaker. Left to center to right pans sounded highly realistic, especially when cars drove by or plans flew by. When gunshots were fired towards the back of the room in my testing process, the rear speakers picked up the action without a stutter step, and the result was very natural and refined. Bass response was impressive and when placed in a small den or bedroom, it should do the trick perfectly, offering enough impact for just about anybody's tastes. On DVDs like Bad Boys (Superbit) and The Recruit, the adrenaline was flowing and the action was great, making the system feel HUGE. Action soundtracks made this little theater sound like an IMAX screening, which is a trademark of Definitive Technology's offerings. As sounds raced back and forth around the room, you were never distracted from the movie itself. It sounds natural and real, which is the idea.

On stereo and multi-channel music, my reactions were even more positive. I found that the vocals on Peter Gabriel's new SACD releases were so smooth and velvety, which made for such a pleasing listening session. Bass response was assertive and powerful, and the transition from front to back was perfect, due to the perfect matching of the tweeters in the PC60 system. After going through about ten of Peter's SACD's, I was physically exhausted from sitting in one place for so long, but at the same time exhilarated at what I just heard. The PC60 system performed in ways that it doesn't deserve to, defying physics and the laws of common sense. However, it made me very, very happy to witness this, making it so hard to actually get up and do something else.

Final Take - Buying a movie and music system can certainly be a challenge. There are many things to look for in such a purchase, but with offerings such as those from Definitive Technology, and particularly the ProCinema 60 system, you'd never be making a mistake. Their products pack so much bang for the buck, that when I received the PC60 system on my front door, I knew I would be unboxing something special. And I was right. If you have a small room or are on a budget, you won't find anything else that will perform as well at this price point, as Definitive has yet again set a new standard in the loudspeaker marketplace. Simply add an A/V receiver and a DVD player, and you'll have a great system. It doesn't get much simpler than that. Take our word for it.

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Definitive Technology ProCinema 60 System
Definitive Technology's signature 1"
pure aluminum dome tweeter
ProSub 60 features 8" driver powered by a 150-watt amplifier
Dimensions: ProMonitor 60:
6.4" H x 3.8" W x 4.2" D
ProCenter 60: 4"1-lx 10.5" W x 4.2" D
ProSub 60:12.5" H x 9.5" W x13.2" D
Complete System Frequency Response:
23 Hz to 30 kHz
Recommended associated amplification is
10 to 150 watts/channel
Warranty: Speakers - 5 years (parts & labor);
Amplifier w/in subwoofer - 3 years (parts & labor)
MSRP: $699

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