Definitive Technology Trinity Subwoofer Reviewed

Published On: October 13, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Definitive Technology Trinity Subwoofer Reviewed

"This monster subwoofer goes to nuclear sub depths, bringing subsonic impact to your system in ways other subwoofers would simply fail to accomplish." In addition to having the power to go low, the Definitive Technology Trinity has the speed to keep up with the most demanding soundtracks

Definitive Technology Trinity Subwoofer Reviewed

definitive_trinty.jpgI like the idea of a total sea change. Everything in the world of subwoofers today is about manipulating stats to make a small subwoofer look on paper like it performs like a big subwoofer. The fact is: physics are physics and if you want to shake your soul with subsonic low frequencies, you need a big subwoofer to accomplish the goal. Definitive Technology has known this fact since their inception, as they have long had subwoofers built into the sides of their tower loudspeakers, but tower loudspeakers can only go so low. If you need (or really want) to go ultra-low - like piss-off-Satan-with-the-bass-from-your-system low or get-a-phone-call-from-CalTech low - may I suggest that you take a long look at Definitive Technology's beefy Trinity subwoofer.

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Designed to reinforce the deepest low notes from the pipe organ at Trinity Church New York City, this subwoofer is the lovely definition of over-engineered. The reported specs take this woofer from the familiar high limits of about 100 Hertz to insane depths of 10 Hz. The Definitive Technology Trinity subwoofer weighs a massive, forklift-inspiring 175 pounds. The giant sub is 18 inches wide by 18 inches deep and a stout 31 inches tall. It is not obnoxious in its size, but it is by no means a mini-subwoofer. Definitive has those for interested buyers, but the Trinity is for extremists like you and me. The driver complement of the Definitive Technology Trinity subwoofer reviewed here is, amazingly, two 14-inch drivers that are powered by 2,000 watts of class D digital power. Many crossover adjustments are available and phase can be adjusted 180 degrees to fit the sub sonically into the room. The Definitive Technology Trinity Sub is currently priced at $3,000, which is in line with other high-end subwoofers on the market, such as Revel's Sub 30.

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High Points
• While everyone is trying to cheat the stats for small subwoofers, this monster subwoofer goes to nuclear sub depths, bringing subsonic impact to your system in ways other subwoofers would simply fail to accomplish. 
• Despite being able to go ultra-low at relatively loud levels, the Definitive Technology Trinity Subwoofer is also a "fast" subwoofer. In the old days, subs like the Velodyne ULD-18 could go really low, but couldn't keep up with the speed of the most demanding soundtracks. Now, with DTS Master Cinema and Dolby True HD piping in from Blu-ray sources, you need the speed the Trinity has to offer.

Low Points
• The lack of a slick, automated set-up program, complete with a mic and EQ, puts the Trinity behind the curve when compared to the latest offerings from Revel and Velodyne in terms of the average consumer being able to eke the best possible performance from the Trinity without professional help. Conversely, as it weighs at 175 pounds, unless you are Mr. Universe, you are going to need (and should demand) professional help from your dealer just to get the speaker into your room. They can send their audio guru to help you calibrate it to the best position and settings while they are at it.
• The fit and finish of the Definitive Trinity is okay but not stunning. Other high end-woofers offer more sexy colors and finishes. Definitive is known for their black towers, but also have a Cherry wood finish. It is not MartinLogan's custom shop, but it is also not $10,000.

You can tweak audiophile details all you want, but bring some real bass into your system and feel your movies and music come alive. The power the Definitive Technology Trinity subwoofer offers is the reason why adrenaline junkies buy home theaters. This subwoofer is the definition of extreme and I wouldn't question you once if you decided to put two, three or four of them into your large-scale home theater. Just don't be surprised when a chunk of drywall breaks free from the ceiling from all of the bass energy you have in your theater.

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