Deflowering the Myth and Mystery of the CES Trade Show

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Myth No. 4 - The Weather In Vegas Is Great
The weather stinks for CES compared to someplace you might go for a vacation in the winter. I have seen it actually snow in Las Vegas during CES. I have been stuck in Vegas because the 15 was closed down between Las Vegas and Southern California. You're certainly not sitting outside by the pool during the show in early January. While the weather in Las Vegas is often better in January than the east coast, it's no tropical get-away - unless you spend a lot of time in the garden lobby in the Mirage.

Myth No. 5 - The CES is the Porn Show
CES isn't the porn show but it runs at the same time as the AVN show, which is in the Sand's Convention Hall - down the hall on the bottom floor from The Venetian. You need your own credentials to hob-knob with Jenna Jameson and Sasha Grey - which can be had - but buyers beware. These girls don't look the same in person as they do on video. The soft filter is a kind thing - let me tell you. Most of the porn girls are very nice if you meet them in person. They are great with their fans and very down to earth. They will take photos with you and will sign whatever you like, but consider this your warning - these fantasies are best kept in your Firefox or DVD player.

What's Good About CES?
There is a lot that's good about the Consumer Electronic Show, which is why I've attended for my seventeenth straight show. When I first went to the show with my then boss and now personal friend, Christopher Hansen (of Christopher Hansen Ltd. in Beverly Hills), the audiophile show was held in the Sahara "Bi-Level" and was RIGHT next to the porn convention. There was a certain mystique back then. More domestic dealers came and wrote POs (purchase orders) and it wasn't as much of an international show.

Today's CES in Las Vegas benefits from being held in the absolute best restaurant city in the world right now. That's right - I said it - Las Vegas is the best food city in the world right now. Better than Paris, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles. While most of the restaurants in Vegas are copies of ones around the world - they are often 85 to 95 percent as good, and there is a higher concentration of them all right here.

CES is also a wonderful business opportunity. To this day as it still attracts the top executives from the top companies all in one city at one time. There is clear value to that if you make your living selling ads as I do.

Technologically, the biggest news breaks at CES. You can see the newest and coolest technology. You often can see things that are months if not years away, which can be a blessing and a curse.

With all of the hype that CES gets in the media and all of the questions that I get about the show each year - the high points and low points of the show need to be addressed. It simply isn't the audio-video Shangri-la that the enthusiast and mainstream media make it out to be. With that said - its grandeur is spectacular. It's the biggest trade show in the world with all of the glitz that Las Vegas should and does command.

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