Dennis Burger's Associated Equipment

Dennis Burger's Associated Equipment

Dennis-Burger-headshot.jpgDennis Burger is a native Alabamian whose passion for AV began sometime before the age of seven, when he dismantled his parents' brand new 25-inch solid-state Zenith console TV and exclaimed--to the amusement of no one except the delivery guy--that it was missing all of its vacuum tubes.

He also has the distinction of being the only writer with a byline in every single issue of the now-defunct Robb Report Home Entertainment Magazine, where he developed a passion for home automation and multichannel music. His collection of DVD-Audio discs and SACDs is outnumbered only by his collection of Transformers toys, Star Wars action figures, and stuffed Eeyores.

Dennis Burger's current reference home theater system includes:

Media Room
 Anthem Statement A5 Amplifier
• Apple TV 4K 
 Autonomic MMS-2 Mirage Media Server
 Control4 EA-3 Entertainment and Automation Controller
 Control4 SR-260 System Remote
 Crowson A300 Integrated Stereo Motion Amplifier
 Elite HTS C1 recliner with integrated Crowson TES-100OEM actuators
• GoldenEar Technology Triton One.R loudspeakers (x2) 
• GoldenEar Technology Triton One loudspeakers (x2) 
• GoldenEar Technology SuperCenter Reference 
 Lutron RadioRA Select Main Repeater
• Marantz AV8805 AV Surround Preamplifier
• Nvidia Shield TV Pro 

• Oppo UDP-205 UHD Blu-ray player 
 PlayStation 4
 Roku Ultra media player
 SurgeX XC18 Space Saver Surge Eliminator
• SVS PB-4000 Subwoofers (x2) 
• Vizio P75-F1 4K HDR Smart TV

Bedroom home theater system
 Control4 EA-1 Entertainment and Automation Controller
 Control4 SR-250 System Remote
 Marantz SR6014 9.2-Channel AV Receiver
• RSL CG3 speaker system
• RSL Speedwoofer 10S subs
 Samsung PN58C8000YF 58" Class 8000 Series 3D 1080p Plasma HDTV
 SurgeX SX-AX15E Axess Elite Power Conditioning and Energy Management 

Home office system
 Access Networks enterprise-grade networking system
 GoldenEar Technology Triton Seven loudspeakers (x2)
 Peachtree Audio nova220SE Integrated Amplifier
 SurgeX XR115 Surge Eliminator/Power Conditioner

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