Published On: August 23, 2010

Denon Announces New Line of Anniversary Products

Published On: August 23, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Denon Announces New Line of Anniversary Products

To celebrate the company's 100th anniversary, Denon Electronics has announced the addition of seven new home entertainment components which are now available to the public. They include the PMA-A100 Integrated Amplifier; DCD-A100 CD/SACD Player

Denon Announces New Line of Anniversary Products

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Denon Electronics just announced its anniversary product collection (A100), which includes seven new home entertainment components: the PMA-A100 Integrated Amplifier (SRP: $2,499); DCD-A100 CD/SACD Player (SRP: $2,499); DP-A100 Direct-Drive Turntable (SRP: $2,499); DL-A100 Cartridge (SRP: $499); AVR-A100 9.2 Channel A/V Receiver (SRP: $2,499); DBP-A100 Universal Blu-ray Player (SRP: $2,499); and AH-A100 Over-Ear Headphones (SRP: $499). All A100 products will be available beginning in November 2010 at select Denon dealers, who can be located through Denon's website.

PMN-A100 Integrated Amplifier
The PMA-A100 is an integrated amplifier with Denon's UHC-MOS Single Push-Pull output circuit and a larger, upgraded speaker terminal, and cast iron footing for less vibration and reportedly higher sound quality.

DCD-A100 CD/SACD Player
The DCD-A100 CD/SACD player features Advanced AL32 Processing and the latest 32Bit/192 kHz DA converters. The DCD-A100 also includes a new S.V.H. drive mechanism to increase the quality of playback for SACDs and CDs. It is equipped with an array of digital input ports, including a USB port for connecting an iPod or USB memory.

DP-A100 Turntable
The DP-A100 turntable features the same direct-drive turntable technology that Denon has delivered for 40 years.

DL-A100 Catridge
Designed to be equipped to the DP-A100 is the DL-A100 cartridge - the model that has been in production for a little less than a half century but now comes with the latest tuning.

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AVR-A100 9.2 Channel AV Surround Receiver
The AVR-A100 9.2 Channel A/V surround receiver comes with DENON Link 4th, featuring HDMI Clock Control, high-bit i/p conversion and scaling, network audio/photo streaming, and a new interface for Internet content. It also includes a new block condenser, a higher-grade speaker terminal with a gold plated inputs/outputs, and cast iron footing to stabilize sound quality. 

DBP-A100 Universal Blu-ray Player

The DBP-A100 Universal Blu-ray Player also plays DVDs, Super Audio CDs, DVD-Audio discs, and CDs. The Blu-ray player features vibration-resistant technologies including Direct Mechanical Construction and Multi-layer Chassis Structure. It is also equipped with Denon Link 4th to reportedly minimize jitter during HDMI transmission. The DBP-A100 also features a coupling condenser and cast iron footing for sound stabilization.

AH-A100 Headphones
The final product in the new line are Denon's AH-A100 headphones. The AH-A100 features a high-grade driver and skin-soft ear pads and headband.

All Denon A100 products come with a five-year warranty and signed certificate of authenticity from the chief Denon production engineer.

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