Published On: March 9, 2022

Introducing the Denon Home Wireless Subwoofer

Published On: March 9, 2022
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Introducing the Denon Home Wireless Subwoofer

Denon Home gains a wireless sub. Now, 5.1 is possible.

Introducing the Denon Home Wireless Subwoofer

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The Denon Home lineup is the company's solution for wireless and multi-room audio with HEOS built-in. Until now, the Denon home lineup has consisted of three wireless speaker models and a soundbar, but it has lacked a subwoofer. That changes today with the introduction of the $599 Denon Home 8-inch wireless subwoofer.

While wireless speakers are extremely convenient, they have limited bass-making capability because they are compact. A wireless subwoofer is the logical choice to complement wireless speakers and makes it possible to have a 2.1 stereo or a 5.1 surround sound system that requires minimal installation and no cables aside from the power cords. Plus setup is a cinch, the HEOS app lets you adjust output, low-pass and phase settings for optimizing the sub's response.

This new sub is available to order direct from Denon and from authorized retailers like Adorama.

Denon Home gains a wireless sub. Now, 5.1 is possible. ad787284 denon home sub studiol
The Denon Home subwoofer


• The built-in USB port on the Denon Home Subwoofer supports USB thumb drives. Any HEOS Builtin product in the same home network can access and play music stored on a USB drive.

• Quickly and easily connect to your wireless network. Denon Home Subwoofer is compatible with the most recent 802.11 networks (including dual-band "n," "ac") for the most dependable network connection. Also includes wired LAN via RJ-45.

• Pairs with any Denon Home speaker or soundbar

• Compact. Only 13" W x 14.5" H x 13" D

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