Published On: March 10, 2017

Denon Debuts HEOS AV Receiver

Published On: March 10, 2017
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Denon Debuts HEOS AV Receiver

Denon has announced its first HEOS-branded AV receiver. This 5.1-channel, 50-wpc receiver can work within a full HEOS system for multi-room wireless audio streaming, but you can also use the HEOS technology to wirelessly connect the surrounds in your 5.1-channel...

Denon Debuts HEOS AV Receiver

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Denon-HES-AVR.jpgDenon has announced its first HEOS-branded AV receiver. This 5.1-channel, 50-wpc receiver can work within a full HEOS system for multi-room wireless audio streaming, but you can also use the HEOS technology to wirelessly connect the surrounds in your 5.1-channel speaker setup. Bluetooth and high-resolution audio support are also built-in, as are streaming services like Pandora, Spotify Connect, and TIDAL. The receiver will have four HDMI 2.0a inputs with HDCP 2.2, for full 4K pass-through. The HEOS AVR will be available in April for $999.

From Denon
Surround yourself with sound, not wires: that's the idea behind the stylish new Denon HEOS AVR, the latest addition to the rapidly growing HEOS range of multi-room entertainment products. The HEOS AVR continues Denon's tradition of revolutionizing the home theater by combining a striking style with the ability to deliver the surround sound experience--all without cables cluttering the room to the rear channels. Simple, great-sounding and with looks to grace any home, the HEOS AVR offers up to 5.1 channels of top-class surround sound with the simple setup and operation of a soundbar. The HEOS AVR is expected to be available in April for $999.

With its sleek, slimline design, the Denon HEOS AVR doesn't look like a conventional AV receiver, yet at its core is the same Denon home theater expertise and technology loved by enthusiasts worldwide. Designed to fit into any room, the HEOS AVR is also ultra-simple to set up and use. The intuitive HEOS app leads the user through configuration for stunning surround sound and integrating the HEOS AVR with a whole-house music system.

The stylish HEOS AVR builds on Denon's legendary AV-receiver tradition and takes it beyond by combining wireless flexibility, ease of use, superb performance, and ground-breaking industrial design. It combines 5.1-channel surround sound with HEOS wireless multi-room music streaming. It can be used with wireless HEOS speakers for the surround channels to create a cable-free multichannel system. And it will drive conventional speakers with its powerful built-in Class D amplification or will work with a mix of both wired and wireless speakers.

The HEOS AVR is also completely futureproof with the latest HDMI standards. Four HDMI 2.0a/HDCP 2.2 inputs make sure users can enjoy movies in 4K Ultra HD and compatible with Blu-ray and online video streaming formats. Its ability to learn TV remote commands makes operation of a home theater totally intuitive, with main AVR functions available from the TV remote. And Audio Return Channel capability means just one cable is needed between the TV and the HEOS AVR for superb sound and vision.

The HEOS AVR delivers TV shows and movies in thrilling surround sound, and it can stream music from a home computer or online services such as Spotify Connect, Pandora and TIDAL for limitless entertainment. Make the HEOS AVR the heart of a living-room home theater, and it also becomes the cornerstone of a complete multi-room music system.

Extra HEOS speakers in any room can be added to the system at any time. Users can effortlessly play different music in every room, or bring the whole house together to play the same tunes for party time via the HEOS app. Multiple presets are provided for favorite functions, and to stream music directly from a phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The HEOS AVR cuts out the clutter--and the cables--and creates a stylish, simple way to bring the full movie experience to the home, while retaining all the superb surround sound quality Denon is famous for. Inside that stylish chassis is in-depth Denon audio engineering, from advanced digital signal processing to the cool-running, energy-efficient Class D amplification, able to deliver a massive 50W per channel to drive any speakers.

Flexible, simple and stylish, not to mention great-sounding, the Denon HEOS AVR is the future of total home entertainment.

At a glance:
HEOS AVR 5.1ch Surround Receiver - Key Features
• Combines up to 5.1-ch top-class surround sound with the ease of use of a soundbar
Hassle-free setup and operation

• Wireless surround channels using a pair of any HEOS speakers
Surround yourself with sound, not wires

• Unique industrial design with dark silver chassis and HEOS family style
A design object for any living room

• 5x 50W powerful Class D amplification capable to drive your favorite speakers
Use your existing beloved speakers and enter a new world of sound

• Latest HDMI and 4K Ultra HD compatibility with 4 HDMI inputs
Future-proof and ready for all modern playback devices

• HEOS music streaming and multi-room technology built-in
Access to the most important online streaming services

• Intuitive app-based setup and operation; additional compact remote control
Quick and intuitive access to most important features

• Supports all major streaming formats, including high-resolution audio: DSD (2.4, 5.6 Mhz), FLAC, WAV, ALAC (192 / 24), MP3, WMA, AAC File Playback (USB / Network)
High-Resolution audio streaming for HiFi enthusiasts

• Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio
For the best multichannel sound quality

• Control basic functions of the HEOS AVR with a remote
For convenience in daily use

• Bluetooth streaming
Improved network ability

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