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denon-dv5910-dvd-player.gifDenon has a long history in high-end audio. They have stayed highly relevant in the marketplace for decades, for very good reason.  Denon offers something for everyone, at every price point.  For those who will settle for nothing but the best, they offer the DVD-5910CI universal player.  The DVD-5910CI will spin every silver disc except Blu-ray or HD DVD, including DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, compact disc and SACD, and comes feature-packed for a retail price of $3,800.

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While I am the biggest fan of the new high-definition discs, such as Blu-ray, let's face the facts. You will still want a good DVD player and, though DVD-Audio and SACD are for all intents and purposes dead, you still want something that will play your Dark Side of the Moon SACD from time to time.  Audio outputs abound, including stereo analog, a 5.1 analog, both coaxial and optical digital, Denon's proprietary D-Link connector and Firewire for passing SACD and DVD-Audio in lossless digital. To handle all these formats, the DVD-5910CI adds exceptional bass management. 

Advanced control is covered by RS-232 and IR triggers. There are a multitude of video outputs, including everything ever used from composite, S-Video, component to DVI-D and HDMI, all of which are active, allowing multiple displays to be fed signals simultaneously.  This player truly lives up to the idea behind Denon's CI notation. In fact, I think it would be hard for a custom installer to ever want more from a player.  Top this off with the DVD-5910's excellent video scaling and audio performance and you have a player that you will never want to let go.

High Points
You just can't find a system configuration that won't accommodate this player. The multitude of audio and video outputs allows unheard-of flexibility and, thanks to the RS 232 and IR triggers, the unit can easily be controlled.
The DVD-5910CI offers some of the finest video scaling available, and also provides equally good audio performance, making this a true reference-quality player.
The ability to drop any audio disc into one player and have it play is not something to be underrated. The DVD-5910CI will spin all discs and make the hair stand up on the back of your neck while doing so.

Low Points
The remote is big and clunky, with small illuminated buttons that are difficult to see at night.
Due to the build quality that went into this player, it isn't light, so it requires a strong and stable platform to get its best and safest performance.

The Denon DVD-5910CI is an exceptional universal player, offering top-tier video performance from standard DVDs and similar-grade audio performance form DVD-Audio discs and SACDs, as well as CDs.  The huge number of control options and seemingly unlimited video outputs ensure this player can work in any system, while the fact that all video outputs are active allows you to run multiple displays simultaneously.  This player isn't cheap, but it likely will be the last universal player you ever buy and, though your wallet might hurt a little when you buy it, once you have it, you'll never regret purchasing the DVD-5910CI.

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