Published On: October 25, 2010

Denon Sets Lineup of 13 AV Receivers

Published On: October 25, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Denon Sets Lineup of 13 AV Receivers

The new lineup of AV receivers is in from Denon and it includes 13 models that are bound to meet your needs for performance, features and price. The flagship is the AVR-5308CI but there are also three new "CI-class" receivers, two seven-channel models and five affordable models along with the new 100th Anniversary Collection model

Denon Sets Lineup of 13 AV Receivers

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Denon now offers a new lineup of 13 audio/video receivers. In addition to Denon's AVR-4810CI and flagship AVR-5308CI, the company's line includes three new "CI-class" receivers, AVR-4311CI, AVR-3311CI, AVR-2311CI; two 7-channel models, AVR-1911 and AVR-1611; and five affordable models, the AVR-991, AVR-891, AVR-791, AVR-591, and the AVR-391, as well as the company's new 100th Anniversary Collection model AVR-A100.

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Denon's CI receivers are designed for and marketed to custom integrators. The company says that these receiver are the result of responding to integrators demands for receivers that offer easier and more comprehensive connectivity and control. For instance, Denon will be creating its own Crestron remote control modules, allowing installers to quickly and easily open a control interface and drag and drop the specific programming tools they need to create fully connected total home systems.

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Additionally, Denon's CI-class receivers all feature Control4 certification, ensuring compatibility with all Control4 IP-based home automation and entertainment systems. All the company's new receivers, as well as the continuing AVR-4810CI, AVR-4310CI and AVR-3310CI, are officially compatible with Windows 7, ensuring full compatibility with the updated 'Play To' functionality of the new Microsoft operating system.

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The Ethernet connectivity in AVR-3311CI and 4311CI models will offer IP control as well as the ability to conduct system setup and maintenance from a remote location - even allowing Denon's CI-certified custom integrators to potentially diagnose and fix a customer's problem from their office. Furthermore, the AVR-4311CI and AVR-3311CI receivers now allow users to stream from Pandora, Flickr, Rhapsody, and Napster. Users can also stream and listen to music stored on a Windows PC, Mac, and media server products or NAS devices supporting the DLNA standard.

Among the enhancements made to the new receivers is the inclusion of HDMI v1.4a repeater inputs with 3D, Audio Return Channel, and Consumer Electronics Control support. All models, except the AVR-391, feature analog-to-HDMI conversion and HD audio decoding from Dolby and DTS, and many feature multi-zone networking capabilities. iPod/iPhone connectivity is also featured in all models.

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