Published On: September 20, 2008

Denon to Demonstrate New Reference A/V Separates Geared Toward Custom Integrators In "Denon Theater" at CEDIA 2008

Published On: September 20, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Denon to Demonstrate New Reference A/V Separates Geared Toward Custom Integrators In "Denon Theater" at CEDIA 2008

The spotlight will be on Denon Electronics as it spotlights the capabilities of its "CI" (custom integration) products at booth #204 at CEDIA.

Denon to Demonstrate New Reference A/V Separates Geared Toward Custom Integrators In "Denon Theater" at CEDIA 2008

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Denon Electronics, a provider of home entertainment components, will spotlight the capabilities of its "CI" (Custom Integration) products, including the AVP-A1HDCI Ultra-Reference 12 Channel A/V Home Theater/MultiMedia Preamplifier, POA-A1HDCI Fully Balanced Power Amplifier and DVP-602CI HDMI Video Processor/Switcher, in the company's specially designed "Denon Theater" at CEDIA 2008 Booth #204. Built to showcase Denon® 's products in a high-impact theater environment, the Denon Theater will allow CEDIA attendees to experience such features and capabilities as Audyssey Dynamic Volume and EQ, dts-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD.

Denon's reference audio/video separates, including the POA-A1HDCI 10-Channel Power Amplifier (SRP: $7,500), the AVP-A1HDCI Controller Processor (SRP: $7,500) and DVP-602CI HDMI Video Processor/Switcher ($SRP: $2,500), are all designed for the home entertainment enthusiast and engineered from the ground up to provide high-end audio and video performance while also meeting the growing demand for advanced multi-zone networking capabilities. All three combine the functionality of Denon's components with multi-zone and networking capabilities.

AVP-A1HDCI - A/V Controller Processor with Silicon Optix Realta Chipset

Following its success in Denon's DVD players, Denon has added the advanced Silicon Optix Realta chipset to its new AVP-A1HDCI, enabling video upconversion and scaling to 1080p from all analog and digital sources, including the ability to use Realta Noise Reduction circuitry for 1080p input signals.

The AVP-A1HDCI is a multiple source/multiple zone controller processor, capable of up to four zones and providing digital output to Zone 2. It features six HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs and also includes built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g connectivity. Both network protocols allow custom integrators the ability to diagnose, correct, update and remotely perform maintenance on the units without the need to travel to their customer's home. The THX Ultra2 certified AVP-A1HDCI also features DLNA and Windows Vista certification, and allows users to stream multimedia content from network attached devices including computers and the popular iTunes software as well as media servers and network attached storage devices.

The AVP-A1HDCI features the company's newly designed Graphical User Interface (GUI) that makes accessing all the features simpler and more intuitive than ever. Other CI dedicated-features include RS-232 and assignable high current DC trigger outputs, Audyssey MultEQ XT Auto Setup and Calibration, and the ability to use the Audyssey Pro installer package, which measures ideal sonic performance in up to 32 different positions, allowing installers to define the ultimate sound quality for virtually any size or shape room.

Users enjoy discrete command, source select, volume, power and more in each zone. In addition, three discrete and independent tuners; AM/FM, XM satellite radio ready (subscription required) and HD Radio provide for multi-zone distribution with playback and support of multicasting from HD Radio. For those users who enjoy streaming music via Ethernet / Wi-Fi or listening to their MP3 player via an iPod dock or USB flash drive/HDD, the AVP-A1HDCI features a compressed audio restorer that enhances music files that may be lacking in quality.

POA-A1HDCI - Power Amplifier: 10-Channel Performance and Much More

The POA-A1HDCI is a THX Ultra2 Certified, 10-channel power amplifier boasting 150 watts per channel. When coupled with the AVP-A1HDCI, the POA-A1HDCI allows users to create systems that provide multi-zone functionality. The unit offers 10, mono block amplifier construction also designed to run 4-ohm loads. It is ideal for use in two- or three-zone systems, and is cast in a traditional black form factor with an aluminum case, with triple backlit power output meters (dB). A button on the front of the unit can be toggled to enable or disable the meters for applications when ambient light is not desired. The rear of the unit features both XLR connectors for balanced input as well as traditional RCA connectors for each channel with a selector switch determining which connector is used or if a channel is disabled all together. Four gold-plated speaker-binding posts for each channel are also included on the rear of the unit.

The POA-A1HDCI features five selector switches for each pair of channels, giving users the ability to bi-amp, bridge or use each channel separately. This allows power output to increase up to 500 Watts x 5 channels into 4-ohm speaker loads. It also features a pair of dedicated link control ports for matching it with the Denon AVP-A1HDCI controller processor, as well as a separate 12-volt trigger input for use with other devices.


Utilizing the top-performing HQV Realta video processing engine, Denon's DVP-602CI video processor and HDMI switcher effectively upconverts standard definition sources such as DVD, and interlaced 1080i HDTV, cable and satellite signals. Additionally, with the growing number of HDMI-equipped sources, such as cable and satellite tuners, Blu-ray and HD DVD players and HD gaming consoles, the DVP-602CI features 6 HDMI inputs to accommodate a full suite of source components, along with a wide range of output resolutions to match the native resolution of any HDTV set or PC monitor.

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