Published On: January 24, 2024

Devialet Phantom I Celebrates Chinese Year of the Dragon

Published On: January 24, 2024
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Devialet Phantom I Celebrates Chinese Year of the Dragon

A unique partnership between Devialet and artists Yang Bao and Wa Liu brings forth a limited edition Devialet Phantom I, embodying the essence of art and audio excellence.

Devialet Phantom I Celebrates Chinese Year of the Dragon

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French audio specialist Devialet has once again taken its flagship product, the Devialet Phantom I, to new heights with a limited edition designed in collaboration with artists Yang Bao and Wa Liu. This artistic endeavor celebrates the Chinese Year of the Dragon and introduces a unique blend of craftsmanship, technology, and design.

The artists behind this limited edition, Yang Bao and Wa Liu, bring a rich cross-disciplinary approach to their work. Bao, a Juilliard-trained pianist and composer, has transitioned into an installation artist specializing in transformational soundscapes. 

Liu, a graduate of Yale and MIT, focuses on video-based work centered on anthropology, global history, and geopolitics. Their collaboration is a testament to the intersection of art, technology, and culture.

Emmanuel Nardin, Devialet’s co-founder and Chief Design Officer, said: “As our flagship product, Phantom I is the perfect balance of artistry and industry-leading technology, truly encapsulating Devialet’s founding ethos of combining breathtaking design with audio excellence. As we enter our first-ever artistic collaboration, we’re excited to be delivering the speaker in a very emotional and sensitive limited edition with Yang Bao and Wa Liu. 

A pair of highly talented young artists, their creative expertise has brought both the magic and animality of the dragon to life, enabling Phantom to once again raise the bar for listening experiences.” 

Wa Liu (left) and Yang Bao (right) pose with limited edition Devialet Phantom I 108 db.

Bao describes the Devialet Phantom I as an "object that performs," akin to a musical instrument. He highlights the speaker's visual appeal, from its appearance to the weight and shape of the speakers, which almost seem to give it a personality. The limited edition Phantom I takes its inspiration from the Chinese Year of the Dragon, merging the Western and Eastern interpretations of this mythical creature.

The dragon is a symbol deeply ingrained in Chinese culture, representing power and serenity. In the limited edition, this symbolism is reflected in the use of 22.5-carat gold and polished red varnish. These materials not only pay homage to the dragon but also allow the speaker to blend into its surroundings, emphasizing its role as a sculptural speaker.

The collaboration between Devialet and artists Yang Bao and Wa Liu represents a harmonious blend of the immediacy of digital media and the endurance of analogue craft. While technology has accelerated the creation of music and objects, there is still a profound appreciation for the physical, analogue connections that art and culture provide.

Devialet Phantom I 108 db speaker is priced at $6,700.

The limited edition Phantom I by Yang Bao and Wa Liu was crafted in collaboration with Ateliers Gohard, a renowned Parisian gilding specialist. Ateliers Gohard, known for its work in architectural restoration, has expanded into the luxury goods market. This partnership with Devialet began with the original Opéra de Paris edition of the Phantom, and it continues to deliver exceptional levels of artistry.

Devialet's Phantom I 108 dB, in its standard and limited editions, offers a powerful audio experience with 1,100 watts of power. The limited edition, specifically designed to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, is priced at $6,700. While the standard Phantom I comes at a lower price point, both versions embody the perfect balance between artistry and audio excellence.

The Devialet Phantom I series offers a range of connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth 5.0, Spotify Connect, and UPnP. These speakers can be used individually or paired as a stereo setup, providing flexibility for various audio preferences and multi-room setups.

As Devialet continues to innovate and collaborate with artists like Yang Bao and Wa Liu, the limited edition Phantom I serves as a testament to the enduring quality of its flagship product.

While the limited edition Devialet Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu may come with a premium price tag, it represents a unique fusion of technology and artistic expression, offering a piece of audio equipment that is not just functional but also a work of art for those who appreciate both the auditory and visual aspects of high-end audio.

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