Published On: July 5, 2011

Digital Projection Unveils Three Warranty on Entire Product Line

Published On: July 5, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Digital Projection Unveils Three Warranty on Entire Product Line

Digital Projection International has decided to extend a new warranty to ease the minds of the company's customers. Although given how reliable the projectors are reported to be, this warranty may not be used much.

Digital Projection Unveils Three Warranty on Entire Product Line

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Digital_Projection_logo.gifDigital Projection International (DPI) recently announced an update to its product line, which will benefit every DPI customer worldwide. Due to the reported reliability and long-term performance of their displays, DPI is enhancing its product warranty to provide a full three years of parts and labor coverage for projectors and accessories employed in standard use applications, which means no more that 40 hours per week. This major announcement is effective as of June 15th, 2011, and applies to every DPI projector and accessory delivered after that date, to customers served by Digital Projection International.

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According to Mike Levi, President of Digital Projection, Inc: "Providing a 3 year warranty across our entire product line serves as formidable evidence of DPI's confidence in the quality and reliability of our offerings. Furthermore, it provides assurance to our customers that their investment in DPI displays is guaranteed to benefit from a minimal long-term cost of ownership."

The displays in DPI's product line, from the entry level, single-chip M-Vision series, to the 3-chip LIGHTNING and TITAN displays, represent reportedly the most efficient projection product line available today. The introduction of the 3 year warranty assures DPI customers enjoy display performance with confidence that there will be no unexpected surprises that will impact their budget.

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