Published On: December 6, 2010

DISH Network Introduces TV Everywhere

Published On: December 6, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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DISH Network Introduces TV Everywhere

Wanna watch television on your smartphone? Dish Network now has a solution that can make this a reality for people with certain phones, tablets and other devices. TV Everywhere is what the new service is called.

DISH Network Introduces TV Everywhere

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DISH Network recently became the first pay-TV provider in America to introduce a TV Everywhere offering, giving DISH Network subscribers the ability to watch all of their live and recorded television programs on compatible smartphones, tablets, and laptops. DISH Network subscribers can access these features when they download the DISH Remote Access application for use with a Sling-enabled receiver.

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To enjoy live viewing with DISH Remote Access, consumers need to have a Sling-enabled device such as the Sling Adapter, which happens to pair with DISH Network's ViP 722 or 722k HD DVRs. With the Sling Adapter, users can watch live and recorded shows in standard and high definition. The Sling Adapter is powered and operated through a USB connection and is available for $99 to DISH Network customers.

The DISH Remote Access app is free, which allows users to watch live programming from all subscribed channels, view and manage all DVR recordings, and use the mobile device as a remote control. The app is currently available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows and Mac computers.

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