Published On: December 13, 2009

Dracula Novelist to Direct Jimi Hendrix Film for Transformers Producer

Published On: December 13, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Dracula Novelist to Direct Jimi Hendrix Film for Transformers Producer

There's a good conversation to be had about what Dracula and Jimi Hendrix may have in common. One link is writer R.H. Greene, whose novel Incarnadine is written from the point of view of Dracula; Greene has now been hired to write and direct a film about Hendrix.

Dracula Novelist to Direct Jimi Hendrix Film for Transformers Producer

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jimi_hendrix-movie-coming.gifINCARNADINE: THE TRUE MEMOIRS OF COUNT DRACULA is a new novel written as a first-person
"memoir" by Bram Stoker's Dracula, and it has nothing to do
with rock and roll. Still, in what might be the strangest
pairing in recent memory, the "vampire king" is about to
meet rock god Jimi Hendrix. There's one degree of separation
though, in the person of author and filmmaker R. H. Greene.


Greene is currently promoting his novel INCARNADINE to good reviews and solid sales. Now the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says
that heavyweight producers Don Murphy (TRANSFORMERS) and Carol Lewis (THE CAT'S MEOW) will team to produce Greene's
original screenplay SLIDE, about the long-rumored 1969
kidnapping of Jimi Hendrix. Greene himself is slated to

TRANSFORMERS? Dracula? Jimi Hendrix? Sounds like Greene hit
the zeitgeist trifecta. He doesn't think so though.

"This is the classic case of 'it never rains but it pours,'"
Greene says. "Both these projects were years in the making,
and where SLIDE is based on something Jimi Hendrix himself
told close friends was a true incident, INCARNADINE: THE
TRUE MEMOIRS OF COUNT DRACULA is entirely a work of fiction.
What they share, though, is a grounding in heavy research,
and that each hopefully takes an unexpected approach to a
story we think we know."

Greene is mum on details about SLIDE, which he considers a
work in progress, "as all films in preproduction are." But
he does have advice for the curious.

"If you want to know what SLIDE will be like, INCARNADINE is
right there on Amazon, where you can get a copy at a great
discount," Greene says with a laugh. "They're both about
topics I care about, and they both came from the same mind.
If I did my job, you've never met a Dracula like the one in
the novel, and the film will also show Jimi Hendrix in a way
that's both truthful and unique."

INCARNADINE as an "ambitious" and "authentic" work for the
way it "reexamines and re-imagines the mythos of Bram
Stoker's Dracula." The FM review also says that the novel
"resonates as a meditation on religion and human nature,"
adding "[R. H.] Greene has turned [Dracula] into a figure so
complicated and engaging that even the most bizarre events
are taken in stride because we want to keep reading."

But can a novelist achieve the same personal voice in a
technological medium like film? "Of course," Greene says.
"It's been done many times. It's one reason I'm so delighted
to be working on SLIDE with Don and Carol - two great people
with great gifts. Movies are so much more collaborative than
novels. We all mean to depict a little-known aspect of the
Jimi Hendrix story in a way that will do Jimi proud."

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