Published On: August 6, 2010

DTS Announces Partnership With Onkyo To Launch DTS Premium Suite Technology Into PC Market

Published On: August 6, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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DTS Announces Partnership With Onkyo To Launch DTS Premium Suite Technology Into PC Market

Onkyo, which makes all sorts of electronics, is now partnering with DTS Inc. This union will bring DTS Suite technology into Onkyo's desktop personal computers. Some of the benefit to consumers of this business marriage will be vastly enhanced audio.

DTS Announces Partnership With Onkyo To Launch DTS Premium Suite Technology Into PC Market

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DTS-Logo.gifDTS, Inc., a digital technology company, has announced a partnership with Onkyo to integrate DTS Premium Suite technology into the Onkyo all-in-one desktop PC systems. DTS Premium Suite technology provides its entertainment experience with the inclusion of DTS-HD Master Audio, an audio choice for distribution of HD and 3D movies and music in surround sound.

"DTS is thrilled to be a part of the ONKYO all-in-one PC system, a truly innovative consumer product," said Brian Towne, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of DTS, Inc. "We believe consumers will embrace our vision of providing users instant access to an HD audio experience on their PC. This exciting partnership allows DTS to continue delivering the best possible entertainment experience to consumers everywhere across all media platforms."

In addition to offering DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS Premium Suite contains system level integration of audio post-processing that will give owners of the Onkyo all-in-one PC efficient access to other DTS technologies, such as DTS Connect, DTS Boost, DTS Surround Sensation UltraPC and DTS Symmetry, without the need for additional software.

"Our brand new all-in-one PC Theater gives consumers a groundbreaking entertainment experience and DTS Premium Suite technology is a big reason for that," said Masao Suga, Managing Director, President for PC Company, Onkyo. "It makes perfect sense to include the most advanced audio technology available to round out the consumers' HD experience."

The integration of DTS Premium Suite technology into Onkyo all-in-one desktop PC systems is the latest milestone in the growth of DTS, a company that is expanding its technologies into a new generation of network enabled HDTVs, Digital Media Players, Smart Phones and PCs.

For more detailed information about the technologies included in DTS Premium Suite please visit:

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