Published On: December 14, 2020

DVDO Expedites Shipping of IoT-Enabled Smart Cameras

Published On: December 14, 2020
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DVDO Expedites Shipping of IoT-Enabled Smart Cameras

The entire range, including a 1080p ultra-wide angle webcam and two pan/tilt/zoom camera options, will begin shipping this month

DVDO Expedites Shipping of IoT-Enabled Smart Cameras

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In light of the pandemic forcing most to develop hybrid working environments, DVDO is expediting the shipping of its new IoT-enabled cameras and will be shipping them this month.

The range includes the Full HD 1080p ultra-wide angle webcam C1-1 ($109), HD PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) Camera C2-1 ($1,049), and the HD PTZ camera C3-1 with intelligent tracking ($1,499).

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Keep reading for more info about the new shipping plan:

DVDO®, leveraging over 20 years of award-winning expertise in high-performance A/V switching, announced that their new range of IoT-enabled smart cameras will ship this December. At a time when businesses and individuals are relying on video conferencing and surveillance more than ever, DVDO's new launches provide affordable and convenient options for professional-grade visual communication.

"We are expediting the shipping of our new IoT-enabled camera solutions to support remote, distributed and blended collaboration," said DVDO CEO Doug Fealtman. "The response to our announcement of these new smart cameras has been immense, and we are expediting and scaling up their production."

Enabling low-cost and hassle-free video communication, monitoring and security at home and office, DVDO's new product range spans three camera options, from the Full HD 1080p ultra-wide angle webcam C1-1 ($109.00) and HD PTZ (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) Camera C2-1 ($1049.00), to the HD PTZ camera C3-1 with intelligent tracking ($1499.00). All DVDO cameras offer USB connectivity and AAC audio encoding, and come with all controls, cables and mounting hardware to be fully operational within minutes with no need for firmware installation.

Bringing the new cameras, facial and thermal detection devices and AVoIP solutions together with existing visual communication products, DVDO also offers a new range of Pro-AV solutions to cover any connectivity need, including fiber, compressed or uncompressed signals, USB, HDMI and more.

Designed to equip modern smart homes and offices for simple, intuitive, and low-cost communication, entertainment and productivity, DVDO cameras are available for pre-order now and available through distributors and Pro-AV resellers. For more information visit the new website, call 408-213-6680, or email [email protected].

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