Published On: October 12, 2023

DX-3 Speakers: Wharfedale's Miniature Marvels for Big Sound

Published On: October 12, 2023
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DX-3 Speakers: Wharfedale's Miniature Marvels for Big Sound

Wharfedale's latest speaker series combines minimalist design with maximum audio impact for music and movie enthusiasts.

DX-3 Speakers: Wharfedale's Miniature Marvels for Big Sound

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Wharfedale has revealed its latest innovation in the world of compact speakers - the DX-3 series. This versatile new speaker lineup is available as a stereo pair or as part of a 5.1-channel home cinema package, making it a potentially perfect fit for music and movie enthusiasts looking to enhance their audio experience while working within limited budgets and space constraints.

The DX-3 Stereo speakers are designed to provide impressive sound quality without taking up much space. Measuring a mere 19x12x12.2cm (HxWxD), these bookshelf speakers are perfectly suited for placement on shelves, mantelpieces, desks, or sideboards, making them ideal for areas with limited space. 

Priced at just $199 for a pair, the DX-3 Stereo speakers are not only compact but also budget-friendly. They pair seamlessly with micro systems, streaming amplifiers, or any stereo system where quality audio is a priority.

For those seeking a more immersive audio experience, Wharfedale offers the DX-3 HCP, a 5.1-channel home cinema package. This package includes two pairs of DX-3 speakers for front and rear channels, along with the DX-3 Centre and DX-3 Subwoofer, all for an affordable price of $749. Additionally, users can expand their setup by adding extra pairs of DX-3 speakers to extend the number of surround sound channels beyond the standard 5.1.

The DX-3 series draws inspiration from Wharfedale's highly regarded Diamond 12 Series hi-fi speakers, both acoustically and aesthetically. These compact speakers feature a 75mm cone made from a woven polypropylene matrix for the mid/bass driver, which combines lightness, strength, and rigidity to deliver low coloration and impressive speed. 

Speaker package: Wharfedale DX-3 HCP

Coupled with a 19mm silk dome tweeter, the speakers provide a seamless blend of drivers, resulting in a stable acoustic performance across a wide listening angle, offering flexibility in speaker placement.

The DX-3's cabinet design has been enhanced to minimize unwanted resonance, creating a cleaner and more dynamic sound performance. The inclusion of an additional panel on the cabinet enclosure strengthens the front baffle and braces the cabinet, allowing the drivers to perform without interference from vibrations.

The DX-3 Centre, a part of the DX-3 HCP package, follows the same design principles as the main DX-3 speaker. Measuring 12x31x12.2cm (HxWxD), this center speaker can be conveniently placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall. With a similar cabinet design, driver quality, and crossover enhancements, it ensures a rich, detailed, and dynamic center channel performance, a critical element for any surround sound system.

Completing the DX-3 HCP system is the DX-3 Subwoofer, featuring a 200mm long-throw woven polypropylene bass cone and a 70W amplifier. Its compact size, just 29.8x26.8x30cm (HxWxD), ensures it integrates seamlessly with the other speakers in the system, providing deep and well-defined bass without any hint of bloating or overhang.

The Wharfedale DX-3 Stereo and DX-3 HCP are available in black or walnut finishes, with prices of $199 and $749, respectively. For more information and to find authorized dealers, check out the Wharfedale website. 

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