Dynaudio Sapphire Loudspeaker Reviewed

Published On: September 25, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Dynaudio Sapphire Loudspeaker Reviewed

Danish loudspeaker company Dynaudio is one of the few manufacturers that is both a supplier of raw drivers, and a provider of complete, high-end loudspeakers for consumer and professional audio. (They also supply drivers and systems for automobiles.) As such,...

Dynaudio Sapphire Loudspeaker Reviewed

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Danish loudspeaker company Dynaudio is one of the few manufacturers that is both a supplier of raw drivers, and a provider of complete, high-end loudspeakers for consumer and professional audio. (They also supply drivers and systems for automobiles.) As such, their loudspeakers have the advantage of incorporating made-in-house, made-to-spec drivers, unlike some other manufacturers who buy drivers from other sources and put them in a cabinet (sometimes also bought from outside vendors). But that's just part of the story. The most striking immediate aspect of Dynaudio speakers is their superb craftsmanship--as exemplified by the limited edition Sapphire floorstanding loudspeaker (suggested retail price: $16,500 per pair).

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The Sapphire is stunning in design, with trapezoidal front, side and top surfaces that, appropriately, give it a faceted gem-like appearance. Measuring 53 inches high by 13 inches wide and nearly 13 inches deep, it's tall and slim, a beautiful Danish model (OK, I couldn't resist the analogy). The 88-pound speaker is available in a choice of Ivory, Amber, Bordeaux and Mocca real wood high-gloss veneer finishes that are impeccable.

Beauty isn't just skin-deep here. (Well, maybe I'm a little obsessive but I find well-made drivers and high-quality speaker engineering beautiful.) The three-way, bass-reflex-enclosure Sapphire incorporates two eight inch woofers made using Dynaudio's light, rigid magnesium silicate polymer (MSP) membrane, a six inch MSP midrange driver mounted in an acoustically isolated sub-enclosure, and a one inch Esotar coated-fabric dome tweeter. The woofers have three inch aluminum voice coils on Kapton formers and high-power Neodymium double-magnet systems, and the tweeter features a CNC-machined metal housing, a specially shaped internal damping chamber and a lightweight aluminum voice coil.

The Sapphire has a frequency response of 30Hz - 25kHz, 88dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. The crossover points are at 450Hz and 2.2kHz. As you'd expect, top-quality internal components and wiring are used, and the enclosure is solid to say the least.

Dynaudio fabric-dome tweeters are favored by many manufacturers and
acclaimed by many reviewers, and it's easy to hear why--the Sapphire's
highs are clear and refined, without a trace of glare, grit or
harshness. While some audiophiles may like the "speed" and transparency
of ribbon tweeters or electrostatic loudspeakers (I've also heard some
outstanding metal-dome tweeters in my time), I can't imagine anyone not
enjoying, and probably reveling in, the purity of the Sapphire's
treble. The midrange is detailed and involving, and I found the bass to
be taut, clean and authoritative. I like floorstanding loudspeakers
that convey music with a palpable sense of scale and presence, and the
Sapphire can do this with aplomb. The Dynaudio Sapphire is a speaker
that sounds as good as it looks.

High Points
• The fabric-dome Esotar tweeter used in the Dynaudio Sapphire has
exceptional resolution, without harshness--on the contrary, if only
every speaker had highs this sweet.
• The speaker delivers impressive midrange musicality and low-frequency authority.
• The Sapphire is simply one of the most beautiful loudspeakers I've ever seen.

Low Points
• Though sleek, it's a floorstander, which not everyone will be able to fit into his or her room or décor.
• Although the tweeter is superb, some may prefer the sonic
presentation of a metal-dome or ribbon tweeter or an electrostatic

The Dynaudio Sapphire loudspeaker is absolutely gorgeous, with a
distinctive contemporary design. It sounds superb, with exceptional
high-frequency resolution and midrange musicality along with extended
bass, precise imaging and superior dynamics. In a world that's
all-too-full of mediocre and cheaply-made audio/video products and
consumer electronics, it's a pleasure to encounter a product like the
Dynaudio Sapphire loudspeaker that offers such a compelling combination
of beautiful design, superb sound and extraordinary craftsmanship.

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