Edifier D32 Tabletop Speaker Review: Why spend more on cool looking sound?

Published On: May 6, 2024
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Edifier D32 Tabletop Speaker Review: Why spend more on cool looking sound?

Despite its compact size and budget price, the D32 delivers stellar sound while keeping things simple without over-complicated apps or multi-speaker configurations. It's an outstanding value that I can highly recommend.

Edifier D32 Tabletop Speaker Review: Why spend more on cool looking sound?

  • Indiana Lang, owner of Emptor Audio and A/V Integration in Orlando, FL, brings extensive AV industry experience from inside sales to custom installations. Starting in the field at 17 and writing about Hifi since 2016, he boasts over 25 certifications from top brands and is the current Editor-In-Chief of HomeTheaterReview.com.

Edifier is constantly churning out new audio products at an impressive pace, faster than I can keep up with reviewing them. But what's truly interesting about Edifier is that they are adeptly filling gaps other audio brands seem to be ignoring.

The D32 is a prime example – a smaller retro-looking speaker that bucks the trend of oversized, clunky decor pieces that many others are pushing, with form over function. Instead, it presents itself as an affordable yet highly capable option that offers an impressive array of features and specifications, all wrapped up in a sleek, compact retro package.

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  • Fantastic value for the money
  • Sounds way better than it should at this price point
  • Exceptional bass
  • Cool retro styling


  • Lacks the full feature sets of larger systems, like Sonos

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Nothing too crazy to report about the unboxing experience. It's a straightforward affair – a speaker and a power cord. However, one thing I always like to test with these Bluetooth speakers is how dummy-proof the initial setup process is.

Edifier D32 Tabletop Speaker on a table closeup view with a window in the background

I take them out of the box, plug them in, and see how quickly I can get Bluetooth music streaming from my phone. The D32 passed this test with flying colors; it was a simple matter of hitting the power button, followed by the Bluetooth button, connecting my phone, and bam – music was playing, it’s certified dummy proof. Nothing fancy or complicated, just a seamless, hassle-free experience.

It just works, and that's exactly what you want from a product like this.

The overall construction of the D32 is quite impressive, especially given its accessible price point. The cabinet boasts a rich wood grain finish, complemented by sleek metal accents that lend it a premium look and feel. Around the back, you'll find dual open ports for enhanced bass response, as well as a USB port and an aux input for wired connectivity options. The build quality is solid and sturdy, with no creaks or rattles, and a reassuring heft that belies its compact size.


The Edifier D32 is a compact retro-styled speaker that defies expectations for its affordable price point of $129. It offers an impressive array of features including 60W output power, high-res audio support, Wi-Fi/AirPlay 2 connectivity, and versatile wired inputs.

The build quality feels premium with a wood grain finish, metal accents, and solid construction. Setting up the D32 is simple and dummy-proof for wirelessly streaming music over Bluetooth.

Edifier D32 Tabletop Speaker in brown finish closeup view with connectivity options

What really makes the D32 shine is its superb sound quality that punches well above its weight class. The audio performance is bold, dynamic, and room-filling, with tight bass response, crisp highs, and an immersive soundstage that subjectively outperforms much pricier speakers.

Despite its compact size and budget price, the D32 delivers stellar sound while keeping things simple without over-complicated apps or multi-speaker configurations. It's an outstanding value that I can highly recommend.

Key Specs
60W (RMS) total output power with quality sound
Dual 1" silk dome tweeters and one 4" long-throw mid-woofer
Full digital signal processing, two-way active crossover, and DRC (Dynamic Range Control)
Hi-Res Audio and Hi-Res Audio Wireless certified for superior audio fidelity
Works with Apple AirPlay 2 via the 5GHz and 2.4GHz dual-band Wi-Fi connection
Bluetooth V5.3, USB, and AUX inputs for versatile connectivity options
Supports SBC, AAC, LDAC, and ALAC (AirPlay mode only) codecs
11 hours of playtime with the built-in battery pack, perfect for outdoor use
Works with the EDIFIER ConneX mobile app for easy control and customization
$129 MSRP


At the price point of around $130, I'll admit that my expectations for sound quality were relatively modest. It's a budget-priced speaker, after all, and I've been burned by underwhelming audio performance from affordable options in the past that over-promised and under-delivered. But the Edifier D32 completely shattered those preconceptions right out of the gate. I found the sound quality to be bold, dynamic, and utterly room-filling – a true punch above its weight class that belied its compact size. The bass response, in particular, was far better than I had anticipated, with a tight, controlled low-end that added a satisfying sense of authority and impact to the music, providing a solid foundation.

Edifier D32 Tabletop Speaker closeup view of the bottom part of the speaker

The quality of this speaker blindsided me in the best possible way. While I think the only potential weakness in the audio performance is a slightly recessed midrange at lower volumes that makes vocals and instrumentation sound a bit muffled (though this issue largely disappears when you crank it up to moderate listening levels), the overall listening experience is simply stellar. The highs are crisp and detailed, rendering subtle nuances clearly without ever sounding harsh or fatiguing. The lows have a surprising amount of punch and extension for such a compact speaker, with palpable sub-bass rumble. And the soundstage is impressively wide and immersive, creating a spacious, three-dimensional sonic presence that expands well beyond the physical confines of the speaker itself. I would go so far as to say that, subjectively speaking from my own critical listening tests, I prefer the well-balanced, full-range sound of the D32 over the much pricier Sonos One speakers I've owned for years – and without any of the hassle and complexity of app setup or network configuration.


Honestly, this is how one-and-done speakers should be executed. Yes, there aren't more advanced options like stereo pairing these units together or creating a multi-room audio zone, but if you can live without those frills, it makes for a much simpler and easier to live with speaker solution.

Edifier D32 Tabletop Speaker diagonal view

I didn't expect the sound quality and overall performance to be this solid for something costing under $200, let alone just $130, and Edifier has truly delivered an awesome value proposition here with the D32 that raises the bar for affordable Bluetooth speakers.

Edifier needs to keep knocking it out of the park like this. As someone who prides themselves on delivering brutally honest reviews, nitpicking every little detail and flaw, the fact that the Edifier D32 left me with so little to legitimately complain about is deserving of high praise indeed. It just does everything so well and at a lower price point than I would have ever expected from a speaker in this class. It's an outstanding value proposition, and I can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great-sounding, feature-packed, no-fuss Bluetooth speaker solution without having to break the bank.

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