Published On: January 20, 2012

ELAN Introduces a New 16-Channel Multi-zone Amplifier

Published On: January 20, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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ELAN Introduces a New 16-Channel Multi-zone Amplifier

ELAN has taken two of the company's solutions for amplification and multi-zone control into a single unit, making the process of integration easier and lowering the overall cost of the unit.

ELAN Introduces a New 16-Channel Multi-zone Amplifier

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ELAN-S1616A-Amplifier-Controller.jpgELAN just announced the introduction of a new 16-channel multi-zone amplifier/controller that combines the functionality of the ELAN D16 amplifier and S128P multi-zone controller into one new component that simplifies and lowers the total cost of a system installation for dealers and their clients. The new ELAN S1616A Amplifier/Controller is designed to integrate exclusively with the ELAN g! System.

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The new ELAN S1616A is available in single- and dual-chassis versions, both of which include high-pass and low-pass crossovers, RCA inputs, speaker level and banana plug outputs, and feature level, bass and treble adjustment for each output channel.

The ELAN g! Control System provides users with a uniform and standardized interface that works across platforms, so that the g!Mobile app users love on the iPhone appears and works similarly on ELAN touchscreens, valets, and handheld remotes as well as users' televisions and mobile devices. And the system's IP backbone makes it possible to control the system from across the room - or across the globe.

The new ELAN S1616A Amplifier/Controller will be available for delivery in the United States in January 2012.

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