Published On: December 1, 2023

Elipson Expands Heritage Line with XLS 7 Bookshelf Speakers

Published On: December 1, 2023
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Elipson Expands Heritage Line with XLS 7 Bookshelf Speakers

Elipson's Heritage range expands with the arrival of the XLS7, a compact yet powerful bookshelf speaker designed to bring a touch of vintage flair to contemporary audio setups.

Elipson Expands Heritage Line with XLS 7 Bookshelf Speakers

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French audio brand Elipson has concluded its Heritage range expansion with the introduction of the XLS 7 bookshelf speakers, joining the previously released XLS 11 and XLS 15 models. The latest addition aims to bring a vintage revival to homes, emphasizing both styling and modern audio performance.

Designed as a pair of compact standmount speakers, the Elipson XLS 7 maintains the vintage aesthetic of its Heritage siblings. The speakers boast a 1970s-inspired design, reflecting today's trend toward vintage styling and design. With a focus on blending retro looks with contemporary sound, Elipson engineers have carefully crafted the XLS 7 to offer a unique audio experience.

The XLS 7 bookshelf speakers feature a bass reflex design with a front-firing flared port, housing a 6.5” domed drive unit for midrange frequencies and a twin magnet 0.87” silk dome tweeter for high frequencies. This two-way speaker incorporates the same performance elements found in the larger XLS 11 and XLS 15 models, emphasizing a balance between vintage aesthetics and modern audio capabilities.

A pair of Elipson XLS 7 Bookshelf Speakers.

One of the notable features of the XLS 7, inherited from the Heritage line, is its fine adjustment capability on the front of the speaker. This feature allows users to tweak the amplitude of mid and high frequencies by ±2dB, providing flexibility to adapt to the acoustics of different rooms.

Elipson positions the XLS 7 as an attractive option for users with limited space, offering high-quality sound in a stylish, compact package. The speakers are engineered in Burgundy, embodying the French brand's commitment to craftsmanship and quality.

Elipson Heritage XLS 7 Bookshelf Speakers Specs:

  • Type: 2 way – Bass–reflex
  • Flared – Front ported
  • Tuned Freq. : 52 Hz
  • Power: 90 W RMSDrive units
  • Mid-Woofer: 6.5” Cellulose pulp
  • Tweeter: 0.87” silk dome – twin magnet
  • Crossover – Fc : 2400 Hz – 12dB – 12dB
  • Frequency response (±3dB): 49 – 25 000 Hz
  • Tweeter & midrange level control – front plate : – 2 dB / 0 dB (Ref) / + 2 dB
  • Recommended power amplifier: 30 – 120 W
  • Sensitivity : 88 dB/ 1W /1mImpedance : 6 Ohms (min 5.3 Ohms @6180Hz)
  • Terminal: Single wiring
Elipson XLS 7 Bookshelf Speakers on a stand.

Completing the Heritage range, which includes the substantial XLS 15 and the slimmer XLS 11 loudspeakers, the XLS 7 maintains the vintage-inspired design philosophy that characterizes Elipson's Heritage series.

The XLS 7 bookshelf speakers are currently available for £799 (around $1000) per pair.

Additionally, Elipson offers matching stands designed to complement both the aesthetic and performance of these speakers, with prices for the stands yet to be confirmed.

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