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Elite-Screens-ezFrame.jpgWhen I initially got into front projection, my first screen was from a little-known company called Elite. Why did I choose to buy Elite way back in the day, fresh out of college? Simply put, it was cost. After weeks of research, prior to buying my meager entry-level Epson projector, Elite was the only company that made a 120-inch electric screen for under $500, which, when you think about it, is somewhat astonishing. The truth is, everything Elite makes is super-affordable and geared towards the newly-initiated, though they offer many products now aimed at higher-end customers. The ezFrame screen reviewed here can go both ways.

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The ezFrame fixed screen is a fully tensioned, non-motorized screen that hangs on your wall much in the same way a large picture or mirror would. It features a velvet aluminum frame that keeps the screen surface permanently tensioned for a wrinkle-free picture. The screen is available in both 4:3 and 16:9 configurations and can be ordered in a variety of materials, including a perforated acoustic finish that will allow you to place your speakers behind the screen itself for a stealth installation. Best of all, it is truly affordable in ways other manufacturers can only dream of making their products.

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Elite-Screens-ezFrame.jpgHigh Points
• The Elite ezFrame, as its name implies, is truly easy to assemble and install and, depending on the size of the screen, can be done by a DIY-er in a matter of a few minutes. 
• Standard black backing on all screen material keeps light leakage to a minimum with the ezFrame screen.• At this price point and with the help of various screen materials, the ezFrame is picture-perfect for the videophile on a budget. In fact, you'd have to spend three times as much on a fixed screen for the difference to be remotely noticeable. 

Low Points
• Other manufacturers are offering other finishes, including wood veneers for their aluminum frames, making them more d�cor-friendly than the ezFrame. However, Elite's choice not to offer such finishes is undoubtedly the reason the cost is able to be so low. 

For a fraction of what the other guys charge, Elite wades into battle with their most universal and cost-effective solution with their ezFrame permanently tensioned screen. While not as feature-laden as some, nor available in a huge variety of screen materials, the ezFrame covers the right bases for most users and does so at the right price. If I were purchasing a screen for movie night enjoyment, I'd look to Elite and their ezFrame series of screens before deciding if the added cost of buying the competition was truly worth it.

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